Balance Your Blood Sugar

Overlooked Benefit

Did you know that one of Ecdysterone’s lesser known benefits is its ability to balance blood sugar?

I say lesser known because normally, protein synthesis is what pique’s people’s interest. The fact it lowers blood sugar shouldn’t be a surprise given it’s been shown in other, past models, to exert similar anti-diabetic properties regardless of method of ingestion/injection.

In terms of MOA, it seems to be able to suppress glucose formation in the liver, and thus lower blood sugar levels independent of insulin. If that’s the case, it’s a big deal for those people who’s pancreas no longer secretes insulin efficiently.

In a laundry list of benefits to mammals then, this might just be the most profound.

Personal Anecdote

The topic was brought up after someone recently contacted me to let me know that they had heard some commentary regarding Ecdysterone and it’s ability to drop blood sugar.

Intrigued, they did a little experiment to see if it in fact helped regulate their blood sugar levels. The results were a resounding yes and wanted to let me know the results and get some advice on how to proceed.

Using Ecdysterone for Blood Sugar Regulation

First, I’d have a discussion with your Dr. as to what you’re seeing. He’ll probably dismiss it, but he should know that you’re using it.

Second, I’d request an A1C test if you haven’t already had one. It’ll be good insurance insofar as your family history of diabetes and keeping a handle on it.

Third, if and when he puts you on a glucose disposal medication, you need to take into consideration the effect Ecdy has. This is another reason why your Doc should know you’re on it.

It may be Ecdy is strong enough on its own to control any blood sugar imbalances. Or you may be able to take a lower dose of your prescription than you otherwise would.

Finally, you can stay on Synthagen year round without any deleterious effects – but I wouldn’t recommend it.

I generally recommend using it for around 60 days, then cycling off for around 2-4 weeks before resuming.

Otherwise, please report back when you can. I think this is a really exciting development, especially since I’ve seen the same in my own bloodwork!

Coach Rob Regish

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