The Blueprint Meteoric


The Final Frontier, For The Drug Free Athlete

The infamous steroid guru’s figured this out and increasingly touted an array of anabolic drugs to force ones physiology into a state of rapid muscle building.

So, is there a natural way to “steroid-like gains” in muscle mass and super strength without the bad risk-to-benefit ratio of bodybuilding drugs?



The BP Meteoric then, seeks to deliver it ALL – and FAST!

What does this mean? It means you’ll get big, shredded and in record time.

You’ll find ALL of the following, by investing in the Blueprint Meteoric: 

  • A fantastic level of Conditioning/General Physical Preparedness (GPP).
  • You’ll build a solid base at the bottom your fitness pyramid, which brings us to…
  • Incredible Alpha/Absolute Strength that Blueprint 2.0 was famous for, which is the foundation EVERY other type of strength is built upon.
  • Massive increase in Beta Strength/Total Tonnage done per unit of time. This is the physiological trigger for muscle growth, and its “juiced” considerably when Alpha Strength is boosted prior. Blueprint 3.0 introduced this trick via coupling several different training modalities. We accomplish something better here – FASTER THAN ANY OTHER PROGRAM OUT THERE.
  • How to increase growth hormone naturally, even more so than injectable GH.
  • The ability to repeat these hyper-gains for MONTHS on end – not weeks!

The BP Meteoric is a repeating 8 week cycle that draws upon three different energy systems.

This doesn’t come without sacrifice.

Much of what’s called for here requires strict adherence to the new training and dietary measures we’ve created in order to pull this off. That’s consistent with what made Blueprint 3.0 so successful, and it’s important to make the distinction.

The BP Meteoric isn’t for everyone, but for those that like being told exactly what to do, when and why – they’ll thrive on it.

It will likely be the last training system needed, for those of us who desire to carry forward our version of perfection, into an imperfect world.


Finally, the fundamental change inherent in The BP Meteoric is the speed, at which the “unorthodox” unfolds.

It would seem the body’s adaptive response can be further amplified, given the careful arrangement of certain exercise, diet and supplementation fundamentals. It became clear for example, that what distinguished Blueprint 2.0 and 3.0 from any other training system was that the speed of methodical change was faster. Faster than any other program out there.

Gratefully and not by coincidence, so were the results. In fact, the biggest barrier to entry for those curious about Blueprint quickly became, “This is too good to be true”. Yet it is true, and there are people all over the world today that are the living, breathing truth.

You want it all? Now you have it…

Prepare to take the governors off your muscle growth…

I’m Rob Regish, and you have my personal 100% GUARANTEE of SUCCESS with my Blueprint Meteoric Tri-Phasic Energy System Training.

Try it for a full 90 days and if you’re not absolutely thrilled with your results, I’ll refund your money. Every penny. No questions asked. You literally have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to GAIN.

To your new found muscle building success and (much) stronger weightlifting!


Robert S. Regish



This training system is the marriage of 3 very different workouts over the course of a week, dovetailing with a new diet we’ve paired it with. If you know our other literary works, you know this: We don’t do re-hashed hash.

What you’re about to read will challenge everything you know, yet vault you to a level of size, strength and conditioning that leaves your friends and family dumbfounded. Too good to be true? That’s what they said about Blueprint 2.0 and 3.0.