The Blueprint 4.0 System

Natural born, biologically perfect hormones designed for YOU, by YOU.

What’s new in 4.0?

Definitely my best stuff so far!

In a nutshell, The Blueprint 4.0 is returning to its roots, a no holds barred size/strength super cycle. It will break new ground in many areas, but especially in the training/gray market supplement guide modules.

What’s new in 4.0?

In a nutshell, The Blueprint 4.0 is returning to its roots, a no holds barred size/strength super cycle. It will break new ground in many areas, but especially in the training/gray market supplement guide modules.

The secret way to stagger training protocols to keep muscle growing, for months on end


Hyperplasia in Humans: How To...


A method of weight training that not only grows muscle, but torches bodyfat better than cardio


5 little known "gray market" supplements and how to stack them: For drug like gains


Revealed: The single best VO2 max performance enhancer/liver detoxifying agent in existence

Definitely My Best Stuff So Far!

What Makes the The Blueprint Program Different?

The only training program that shows you how to grow muscle via Hyperplasia, something only demonstrated up until now in animals.

  • Why hyperplasia is a game changer, and what supplements absolutely seal the deal when you put the Gray Market Supplement Guide into play
  • Why “typical” bodybuilding sets fail to stimulate hyperplasia, and how you can “tweak” things to grow absurd amounts of muscle – and fast.
  • Why incomplete recovery between sets is the trigger that sets hyperplasia into motion, and the surprisingly affordable (and legal) dietary supplement that cuts intra-set recovery time in HALF.
  • How the way you’re training today virtually guarantees no new muscle will be grown – and how you can quickly rectify that situation to start piling slabs of new muscle on fast 
  • Why eating this one macro-nutrient is a BAD idea post workout – slowing down the growth process and causing you to lose out on the most anabolic time of day…
  • Going to non-functional: The precise physiological state you’ll find yourself in, after completing the hyperplasia routines.
  • Non-functional rebound: How to literally flood your body with key ingredients, that quickly pull it out of non-functional and vault your physiology into muscle growth hyper-drive.
  • And more, a LOT more!

New 4.0 Now Available!

Join me, in becoming one of the last Anabolic Outlaws. The kind of people interested in building super-human physiques legally, safely but with drug like gains to show for it.

The New Blueprint 4.0 System Includes The Blueprint 2.0 and 3.0

The infamous steroid guru’s figured this out and increasingly touted an array of anabolic drugs to force ones physiology into a state of rapid muscle building. So, is there a natural way to “steroid-like gains” in muscle mass and super strength without the bad risk-to-benefit ratio of bodybuilding drugs? YES, it really is possible. The Blueprint 2.0 will teach you the important Famine phase. The Blueprint 3.0 includes the caloric zigzags concept and further information on static holds.

The Blueprint 4.0 System Also Includes The Blueprint Meteoric

A repeating 8 week cycle that draws upon three different energy systems. What does this mean? It means you’ll get big, shredded and in record time. It would seem the body’s adaptive response can be further amplified, given the careful arrangement of certain exercise, diet and supplementation fundamentals. It became clear for example, that what distinguished Blueprint 2.0 and 3.0 from any other training system was that the speed of methodical change was faster. Faster than any other program out there.

It’s The Final Frontier, For The Drug Free Athlete

Is it REALLY possible?

YES, it really is possible… Stick with me, I’ll show YOU exactly how it’s done.

Let’s talk about a way to generate the traction needed to pack on new, real muscle. Besides, it’s not just your testosterone levels that are holding you back. Plenty of younger lifters are walking proof that having lots of gas in the tank and no GPS gets you nowhere, fast. What you really need is a GPS system in that Ferrari of yours! Like everyone, you have a physiological “blueprint” ready to grow heaps of muscle mass. That’s right, there is a common mechanism by which your body canflood itself with Testosterone, Insulin, IGF-1 and other muscle building goodies…

I have gained 8 pounds in the last two weeks and I can guaran-freaking-tee you it ain’t fat!” Tim G.

Blueprint Believer, Louisville, KY

Natural born, biologically perfect hormones designed for YOU, by YOU.

It’s your personal BLUEPRINT for BIG MUSCLE Building.

THE KEY is in understanding how to coax your body into a high state of “organic anabolism”, and then knowing how to AMPLIFY and extend it’s duration. Before we go any further, please know that this is NOT some ultra-complicated system that requires a masters degree to apply. It’s easy to learn, but you’ll only find it here because I am the founding researcher and Copyright holder.

In a nutshell…

I’ve stripped away all the BS to bring you THE TRUTH about muscle building and getting stronger at an alarming rate, CONTINUOUSLY.

The “Blueprint” is laid out in easy-to-follow steps that work in natural harmony like no other drug-free, organic bodybuilding system before. Best of all, it works over and over again, ongoing. Even seasoned pro-level athletes and former steroid users are reporting BIG GAINS with this NEW landmark bodybuilding course. Can you imagine your physique and strength gains after literally living in a state of biologically perfect organic anabolism for six weeks? How about six months? A year from today? Get ready to shock and awe a few people!

If you truly want to build honest muscle and get as strong as naturally possible, then I urge you to take advantage of this most powerful information TODAY.

I’ve walked in your shoes, searching and researching weight training theory, bodybuilding supplements and training table protocols since 1985 in pursuit of maximum muscle, strength and winning sports performance.
LEARN from my hundreds of hours of gym and lab trials. Possess the knowledge of countless real life athlete studies that power the FACTS revealed inside the pages of The Blueprint for Big Muscle Building.
“Hello, I have finished the first week of feast and I don’t know if this is magic or what. Although I have not gained any muscle mass( at least enough to be seen) I have gotten so much stronger. I feel stronger and I feel better. I work a summer job of bailing hay and lifting them felt like feathers. I look forward to finishing this and I wanted to thank you for the help in the progress I’ve gained so far.” Joshua Bost

The Blueprint 4.0 for Big Muscle Building lets you in on

  • The secret to MAXIMIZING muscle building, for life, in five fast days.
  • Why brief muscle tissue breakdown is fundamental to your success, along with the surprising what/when/where and how keys to doing it exactly right.
  • The strategic way to turn an overtrained/catabolic state into a month+ of SUPERCHARGED size and strength gains. It’s eye-opening information.
  • The truth about how the Soviet sports machine created “supermen” with organic bodybuilding supplements. Hint: It’s the opposite of what you’ve heard.
  • The go-to strategy that will FORCE your body to pack on muscle mass.
  • How to manipulate ATP dependency (in a way even steroids can’t do) and free yourself to realize your true potential to become stronger – much stronger!
  • The ONE natural bodybuilding supplement that doubles muscle building. The secret is not just knowing what it is, but WHEN to use it. I reveal the name, discount source and precisely how to use it to double your muscle building.
  • The 4 distinct physiological states you must create and how to stagger them to maximize your training, nutrition and bodybuilding supplements. You’ve seen it; progress comes and goes in spurts and seems totally “hit or miss”. With your “BLUEPRINT” in hand, you’ll be expertly planning each phase for stunning gains!
  • The lowdown on breaking through ANY plateau that holds you back.
  • Why some get results from bodybuilding supplements, and others don’t. Truth is, it’s dependent on the state your body is in when you use supplements and IF it’s a legit product. Learn how to get the most bang for the buck from the supplements that really work. I also flat-out EXPOSE the junk ones that don’t work at all.
  • How to build muscle mass and get stronger from EVERY single workout by knowing how to eat at mealtime to maximize growth and recovery.
  • You’ll know exactly what to eat, when to eat, and even how to “pig out” for gains!

The “BLUEPRINT” will forever change your physique. It will smarten you up to the real bodybuilding supplements worth your time and money. It will change how your training partners and others view you – and most importantly, it will change YOU.

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*3+ Years of EVERY BP Bulletin EVER published. The information here alone is worth the price of admission, and has been favorably compared to the old Muscle Media 2000/Dan Duchaine’s Undergroud Dirty Dieting Newsletter..
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BONUS! I uncovered what’s next on the FDA’s hit list! And if this doesn’t cause panic buttons to go off in your head, it will when you realize the slippery slope they’re going down..
And more, MUCH more! You really need to see the depth of “the vault”, to appreciate it.
Join me today, in accessing the biggest underground library in strength training today!

Blueprint Bulletin Benefits:

  • Every issue addresses the Stimulate, Recover and Grow equation applying either training, dietary or supplement recommendations to each. If your current information resource isn’t doing this, your plateau is virtually guaranteed to be permanent
  • No vested interest: Outside of 3 products I formulate (all clearly identified), I have NO vested interest in the multitude of training systems, diet strategies, books/resources or supplements I review for you.
  • No other “authority” has such wide ranging access to world class medical Dr’s, labs, trainers, dieticians or supplement gurus as I do. Big claim but ask yourself: Where else have you heard things discussed like Buckminsterfullerine/C60? You don’t…
  • The straight dope on what works, what doesn’t and who to steer clear of in this field. And trust me – the list is LONG of those people/companies you do NOT want to do business with!
  • It would take you 30+ years of learning these lessons the hard way, to accumulate this much knowledge. My desire to share it with you stems from a sincere desire to help people avoid the mistakes that I made.
  • Each issue covers a range of topics from Training, Diet, Supplementation and unorthodox solutions I’ve found in the most curious of places!

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The Blueprint 4.0 System

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The Blueprint 4.0 System


– The Blueprint 4.0
The BluePrint 4.0 Training Template
The BluePrint 4.0 Dietary Template
The BluePrint 4.0 Mass Stack
The BluePrint 4.0 Grey Market Supplements
– The Blueprint 3.0
– The Blueprint 2.0

– The Blueprint Meteoric
– “Add One Inch to you Arms” Course

Complete System Only: $247

I’m Rob Regish, and you have my personal 100% GUARANTEE of SUCCESS with my Blueprint for Big Muscle Building system. Try it for a full 90 days and if you’re not absolutely thrilled with your results, I’ll refund your money. Every penny. No questions asked. You literally have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to GAIN. To your new found muscle building success and (much) stronger weightlifting! Sincerely, Robert S. Regish
Once you put your Biologically Perfect BLUEPRINT into action there will be no stopping you. Your smart investment in yourself will pay a lifetime of dividends. This is the intelligent way to add permanent, real muscle mass to your frame and get stronger than you’ve ever imagined.

So, what will it be?

Are you ready to arm yourself with the power to grow major league muscle?

For the price of some “corporate crap supplements” at GNC – you can finally have THE ANSWER you’ve been searching for to maximize muscle building.