A while back you wrote about amentaflavone as a great new stimulant in the BP Bulletin. However, there’s currently a huge controversy as to whether it’s placebo or not, along with considerable evidence flavone’s in general suffer from poor oral bioavailability.

Knowing that, where do you stand on the issue now?
– Senad Makas

When Amentaflavone originally appeared on the market, it was one of many ingredients on the label – including the usual suspects like caffeine and yohimbe, etc. Knowing this, I ordered up pure Amentaflavone to properly evaluate it. Per cap, these were 40mg of Amentaflavone derived from 200mg of Sela ginella Tama riscina. With my blood pressure cuff on (which also measures heart rate), I downed 3 caps solo and found it elevated by heart rate considerably. I was also more awake, alert and stronger in the gym. Now, I suppose you can call placebo on the latter but you just can’t fudge a jump in heart rate like that. Curiously, it didn’t aggravate my blood pressure.

Increasingly, the product is being labeled a placebo and getting panned more and more on the boards by some of the more knowledgeable members. Yet, the stim effects are still reported, as are the strength gains. So what’s going on?

I believe the stim effects are real, they may just be coming from compounds other than Amentaflavone. Remember, there are 200mg’s of the source genus Sela ginella Tama riscina they’re extracting from. It’d make sense to me that there may be an as yet unidentified compound or compounds in there that are responsible for these effects.

I do recommend it as it’s not as harsh as ephedrine, there is no crash and it’s a nice stacker with caffeine. If you do try it, you can find the exact same product I used by going to coachrobregish.com, store, coach rob recommends, supplements. It’s on page 5…

An interesting, if not controversial product…


I have a question about supplements for injuries. I’ve had aching shoulders, knees etc for many years and made all the exercise modifications I can. I’m in physical therapy (doesn’t seem to help), do my pre-hab/re-hab exercises and generally feel like I’m tapped out. Glucosamine, Chondroiten and MSM have all failed. Even high dose Curcumin is marginally effective. Synthagen made it feel great, but I can’t afford it all time (wish I could).

Any ideas? I don’t want to go under the knife.
– David Elroy

There is one item missing from your list that I’d like you to consider: Cissus Quadrangularis. CIssus comes to us from India and their system of Ayurvedic medicine. In Sandskrit, its name means bonding and it’s exceptional for healing tendons, ligaments, torn muscles and even bone. It’s generally thought the lower % extracts excel at would healing, while the higher percentage extracts help with muscle building. I never noticed anything special with the latter, but it remains the single best standalone supp for wound healing IMO.

You’re going to find a lot of Cissus out there for sale, some extracts going down to a mere 5%. I’ve used them all, and can confidently recommend one brand: USP Labs Super Cissus Rx. It’s a 10% extract but believe me, they did this one right. Within 3 DAYS of separating both shoulders, I felt 100% better. Within just 2-3 weeks, I was 100% and benching heavy again. Nornally, ad copy speaking to “we use a special extraction technique” is pure BS, but in this case it really does work best in class.

I’m going to caution you NOT to buy their new Super Cissus, given consumers have rated it poorly and citing the fact it’s under-dosed. It appears to be an attempt to boost their profit margin and it really is a shame. 4 caps/day spread evenly throughout the day does the trick, and it doesn’t take long to kick in. For the genuine article, head on over to coachrobregish.com under store, coach rob recommends and select supplements. The real McCoy is on page 3, and likely the solution you’ve been looking for. Can’t say enough about it…

Take care David


I notice every time I eat carbs my weight always increases on the scale. It drives me crazy. I have noticed the starchy carbs like bread, white potato, crackers etc really shoot my weight up. Not so much though, on fruits and vegetables. Why is this and what can I do about it?

– Jennifer Schoolnick


The reason your weight increases rapidly after eating starchy carbs is this: For every carb taken in your body stores almost 3 grams of water with is. The opposite is also true, which explains how low carb diets work – you’ll lose and re-gain rapidly, especially early on. Remember, the suffix is hydrate.

You also noticed that carbs from fruits and vegetables don’t “show” on you as much, a consequence of their fiber content and other factors. To put a finer point on that, green vegetables are the absolute finest, and you can eat an almost unlimited amount of them. Thiings like green beans, broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts and kale are what you’re looking for. They’ll not only not “show” on you, they’re LOADED with important vitamins, minerals, enzymes and in spinach’s case – ecdysterone. All of them contain effective levels of anti-oxidants and other important disease fighting phyto nutrients.

Let’s be honest though: Getting your 5 servings in daily can be cumbersome. Here, I’ll offer two solutions to make it easier:

*V8 or like vegetable juice and..
*Juicing your own live drinks

The latter is far superior to V8, given juicing breaks down the cell walls and activates the vitamins, minerals and live enzymes in the fruits and veggies. One of the best recipes is to juice a bag of frozen berries with green apples, fresh pineapple, kale, spinach and ginger. You can drink this during the day, while you’re fasting or even with a meal. One or two of these is a great way to start the day, keeping your energy levels up, bodyfat down and flood your system with live enzymes and get a huge shot of anti-oxidants.

Finally, if you must eat bread, crackers etc. you’ll likely benefit from a tablespoon of liquid glycerine taken just prior to the meal. Glycerin is super sweet, so either do it as a shot or dilute in your drinking water. It has the effect of pulling water from beneath the skin and into the muscles, so it’ll help mitigate any water spillover from inferior carb choices.

Hope that helps Jenn…


What do you think about flat out over-eating a long time for bulking up? It worked for a lot of the old timers, who I know you’ve studied. I’m not what you consider underweight, just frustrated by my lack of LBM gains. I’ve been at this for 7 months and after the 3rd month, all progress stalled. BTW I’m going to be giving your new product Progenadrex a shot and will be starting shortly.
– Mike Gelarge

First things first Mike: You don’t need Progenadrex. You need a blender, a good program and lots of nutritious food to gain the muscle you want. So let’s talk about how, why and then I’ll get to why eating your lungs out all the time isn’t the best idea..

I mentioned a blender. In that blender, you’re going to put the following ingredients: 12oz of raw, unpasteurized milk, 12 oz of unsweetened pineapple juice, a tablespoon of wheat germ, a cup on greek yogurt, 1 large banana, 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter, 1 tablespoon raw honey, 1-2 cups of steel cut oats and 3-4 scoops of chocolate Ultra Peptide 2.0 or like whey/micellar casein mix. If your budget doesn’t allow for that, try a custom milk and whole egg blend from one of the online protein companies. Add water and shaved ice to your liking. This is going in a thermos and you’ll be taking it with you wherever you go, sipping on it between meals. If you’re in need of even more calories, a cup of heavy cream adds 1000 more to this shake, though I’d counsel to add 500 at a whack to be conservative.

The next thing you’re going to do is buy some Tupperware containers for your sweet potatoes, brown rice, vegetables and chicken, turkey, meat or fish you’ll be eating. Eat 5-7 small meals/day plus that shake, but only for 3 weeks. The final week of every month should be spent dieting or at the very least eating at maintenance. Doing so prevents the body from gradually storing more and more fat in response to constant over-feeding. If you continue to overfeed (like I did, for 15 years straight) you’ll find your body will start telling you to stop eating, and doing so will pay big dividends in helping to keep gains lean and the muscle piling on.

Finally we got to program selection. There’s nothing finer for a man like you than the book Super Squats, by Randall J. Strossen. If you go to my website under store, coach rob recommends, books you’ll see it on page 2. For a whopping $13 you’ll have gained the secrets of a program that’s literally turned scarecrows into Supermen since the 1930’s. I used it to go from 180 to 230 in College inside of a year. If you think about it, 50lbs in 52 weeks is well within the range of possibility – and I can tell you it changed me forever, inside and out.

It’ll do the same for you or anyone listening, no fancy supplements required. So have at it…