I have been using the meteoric and been gaining strength and losing pounds every week. Started my 2nd session today.  I have 2 questions that others might have also:

  1. As I gain strength and size my muscle don’t seem to be hardening much. They are solid for the hour or 2 after the workout but it dissipates quickly after that.  How do I keep that solid/hardness in the muscle permanently?  Do I squeeze the muscle really hard at the top of the movement? I do the top range rack pulls and static holds for the hardening efficient but the muscles still have a little softness to them.
  2. Bought some Synthagen and wanted to make sure my dosing was good and will last a month. You have mentioned this a few times before but will 5 pills 3 times before/during/after a workout on a 4 day workout week work? On a budget and want to make it last a month. Doing the Meteoric but threw 1 extra day in there for muscle I wanted to hit a little more.  

-Sam Anderson

I wasn’t clear how far Sam’s gotten as he specifies he just had his 2nd session, but be that as it may this advice goes for all of those on the Meteoric and muscle fullness/hardening..

It does take a few weeks for the hardening effect to manifest, though this effect is accelerated as the Meteoric unfolds. Part of this is simply the body getting more and more efficient at depositing glycogen into the muscle tissue after workouts and on weekends, and part of it is the fat loss over time Meteoric users experience. So each week rolls by, the muscles get harder from both ends of the spectrum.

With respect to movements, the static holds and especially top range rack pull are fantastic for muscle hardening, but that too takes a few weeks. When you’re not using static holds, it matters little whether or not you’re squeezing the muscle hard at peak contraction. Those sets should be strictly for overloading the muscle, from both a 1RM and total tonnage perspective.

Q2 Answer: I was unclear as to whether Synthagen was in play yet, but that will radically accelerate muscle fullness and hardening – guaranteed within the first 2 weeks. For most, it’s going to happen a lot sooner. Nevertheless, 5 pills 3 times before/during and after workouts will certainly work, but I’d counsel to go to a 4/4/4, 3/3/3 etc until such time as you establish your lowest effective dose. Also, the first bottle of MPS needs to be taken on off days too at 3 caps, 3x’s/day just prior to your 3 biggest meals if you’re looking for the hardening effect. Thereafter, training day only dosing is acceptable. Both finding your lowest effective training day dose and using the 2nd bottle on training days only should bring things in line with a bottle lasting a month.

I’d counsel against adding any training days while running the Meteoric. The series of workouts recommended was done so for a reason: To carefully draw on all 3 energy systems used to fuel muscle contraction. Only by methodically rotating through each energy system are the dramatic re-comp effects realized. There’s a method to the madness, and that extra day will eventually catch up with you from a recovery perspective. Trust in the training template, it has yet to let anyone down.

Finally, even if you’re not using any supplements at all, I’m confident The Meteoric will shock people at how quickly it strips bodyfat and builds muscle. It’s forerunner was actually a diet and training system Mike Zumpano developed and Duchaine later refined for people not using steroids or growth hormone. You can read more about it at coachrobregish.com.

Hope that helps Sam…


I’m getting older now and not recovering as fast. How can I modify my training, and still make gains?
– Seth Robeck

This week we had a number of questions about boosting testosterone, lowering cortisol and how to keep gaining as hormone levels tank. I didn’t get the ages of all these listeners but I didn’t really need to: They’re at an age when hormone levels decline, and they’re trying to do something about it. Good for them.

Around age 30 males experience the biggest dropoff in their natural Test/GH production of their lifetime. For me it happened earlier, and I can remember it like yesterday. Around age 26 I could no longer train hard and heavy 4 days a week like I used to. It was like running into a brick wall: 3 days a week if I was lucky, and just a few scant years later, 2 days a week – it’s where I’m at now.

The first thing to do then is to modify your training. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as most are over-training anyway. So you want to reduce your normal training frequency by one day a week. Even better, if you’re training on a 1on/1off, go to a 1on/2off, given recovery is a moving target and rarely conforms to a weekly schedule.

Next, consider investing in the ironmind hip belt squat and 15 inch Olympic vertical loading pin. You can use this for squats, work your legs into the ground and save your back for deadlifts. You’ll also want to work a pronated grip more and more into your bench/other pressing movements, along with your pulls. Examples include turning the dumbells in to face each other on bench presses, ditto on chins, pullups and rows. The seated cable row, 1 arm DB or BB row, T-bar rows and even the hammer strength rowing machines are all excellent choices. You do need a mix of rowing on vertical, horizontal and mixed plane movements however you slice it. Cardio on off days is pretty much mandatory now, as your heart and lungs just can’t handle the kind of eating you did in your 20’s.

Next up is supplements. Your first stop should be a blood test for total and free testosterone. Provided it’s low, you want to ask your doc for HRT and insist on Test Cypionate injections at home. You have young children or nephews, and you’re concerned about accidental transfer to them. If they try to sell you on the underarm transdermal, forget about it. You’re allergic to octi salate, and you know this because it’s in various sunscreens you’ve tried. Horrible allergic reaction.

If you can’t get it, then something like PA’s 3-spray or dermacrine (transdermal DHEA) are preferred. If necessary, a product called Divanex (stinging nettle, standardized for 3,4 -divanillyl tetra hydro furan will boost your free testosterone. GABA when taken in the amount of 3g prior to training is research proven to boost biologically active GH no less than 480% – and that was in guys in their early 20’s. You can take it prior to bed on an empty stomach and in the middle of the night too if you get up for 2 additional GH boosts.

Finally, Synthagen and Progenadrex are excellent additions for recovery and gains in LBM, if all else is failing. Has made a big difference for guys who have tried alternative approaches in the past, yet failed. They get a new lease on life with Synthagen, and start gaining in all the right places with Progenadrex.

I hope some of these tips helped, as they’ve made a HUGE difference for me and others. You deserve nothing less….


I’d like your opinion on yoga. I’ve heard some talk it’s good, but other people say it’s a waste.
– Richard Garland

Yoga is something most guys wouldn’t be caught dead doing, yoga. I didn’t know much about it, other than I remember chanting and a lot of other ritualistic stuff – which turned me off to it. That was until I came across a product called DDP Yoga. For those unfamiliar, DDP is Diamond Dallas Page, an ex pro wrestler. DDP ruptured his l4/L5 so badly during a match, he was bedridden and told his career was over. One day while he was laid up in bed, his wife Kimberly came upstairs covered in sweat, telling him what a great yoga workout she just had. Like most of us, he rolled his eyes and dismissed it. Since physical therapy wasn’t getting him anywhere though, he later gave it a try. And in a matter of a few short weeks, he felt better. A lot better. Dallas added calesthetics, dynamic tension and a few other twists to make it more challenging. Long story short, a year later he wasn’t just fixed, he was back in the ring and awarded the heavyweight championship of the world. Think of wrestling what you want, but that’s a big responsibility. It means you’re expected to draw, and you go on last every night trying to outdo all the previous acts – 270 days a year. It ain’t easy.

So I finally ordered it up, and have sampled a few workouts. I was looking for the flexibility and wound healing effects it offered, nothing more. And on that score, it’s delivering already. What’s curious is the fact it elevates your heart rate into the fat burning zone, with ZERO impact to your joints. Plus, I was looking for something in between cardio and full blown weight training, and it fits the bill nicely. This builds stamina, increases bloodflow and it feels very therapeutic. In other words, it juices your recovery.

At age 45, I’m battling 2 injuries and a limited range of motion with respect to my biceps tendonits. I too, was previously going to PT and while it helped, it never really fixed things. I’d get treated, train and be in pain until my next PT session. DDP Yoga allows me to do something in between, and I’m already seeing results.

The workouts are completely scalable, meaning the movements can be made easier or harder depending on your level of fitness. The most inspiring example he has is a gulf war vet named Arthur. When Arthur started he was 297lbs and could only walk using arm canes, knee braces and a back brace. A little more than a year later, he’s 157lbs and SPRINTING. What’s more, he can lift his leg above his head and hold it there with his hand, balancing on the other foot. Pretty inspirational stuff.

BOTTOM LINE: Wherever you are in your physical culture journey, I want you to look into this stuff. There are no supplements to buy, no equipment or gym required and workouts are just 3 days a week. You’ve got a lot to gain here IMO and a not much to lose. And it could very well add 10 years of training to your career.

Highly, highly recommended….