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We get a lot of amazing feedback about Synthagen x2 but a recent story from an active duty Special Forces officer really got our attention…

This guy really wanted to put Synthagen x2 to the test to confirm our claims. Thankfully, he tracked his results and shared them with us.

You won’t believe what happened!

  • Results improved each day
  • Never Sore
  • Higher average HR
  • Higher max HR throughout the workout

Here’s his story:

After five consecutive days completing the Manitou Incline (for lifters imagine doing the Super Squats routine five days in a row or conducting hill runs for the same duration) and  supplementing with MassPro Synthagen x2 during this extremely intense exercise, I would recommend it for anyone needing assistance in muscular recovery.

I conducted this regimen to evaluate my fitness, ability to recover and to provide myself with a challenge.  I also conducted this regimen to purposely over-train in order to see my limits and where MassPro Synthagen x2 could assist.  Being about a month and half shy of 45 years old and in a very demanding profession (Special Operations) where it is a young man’s game, I expected to have a significant fall off in workouts 4 and 5 (and potentially workout 3).

As you can see from the following charts, there was no drop off throughout the week, and in 4 out of the 5 workouts I improved performance.

For anyone who scoffs at an improvement of 10 seconds in this event, they have never attempted it. When done at max effort, this hike will make grown men quitIn workout 5, I was able to hold a higher average HR and higher max HR throughout the workout more than during anytime during the week.

Mike (last name with held by request)

Here are some statistics and impressions from his MassPro Synthagen x2 experiment.

Here are details about his tracking of results time/date, HR, etc.

Control Workout
August 5

Workout 1
August 8

Workout 2
August 9

Workout 2 (cont.)
August 9

Workout 3
August 10

Workout 3 (cont.)
August 10

Workout 4
August 11

Workout 4 (cont.)
August 11

Workout 5
August 12

Workout 5 (cont.)
August 12

More details about the experiment.

After doing the Manitou Incline on Friday as a part of their regular PT regimen, Mike C. and his Team Sergeant decided to do it every day for a week to test their fitness levels.

See this link for a description, needless to say it is an intense workout usually taking between 33-40 minutes with no weight on back. Average first timers complete it in 47-55 minutes.

Mike took 8 caps before his ‘Control Workout’ and his time was 45 seconds faster than his previous time and he noticed no soreness following the workout.

His Garmin watch monitors heart rate/distance, etc… which allowed him to download his stats each day. This provided some empirical data on Synthagen x2 ability to support recovery and/or improvements in performance times.

Granted it is not resistance training, but it is a great legs+lungs workout that usually leads to tremendous DOMS. It feels like one long stepmill workout at 6000-8000ft above sea level.

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