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“Thumbs up for The Blueprint…. everything you’ve heard is true and then some.

I have tried several lifting programs before, usually with mixed results. I came across “The Blueprint” one day and started reading about it. I started reading every review I could find. I did not find one negative review, and many were gushing about the program.

I started reading it, and I had never even heard of some of the things he was talking about. Like the various stages the body can be in and how to manipulate the stages to your advantage, as well as the ways of finding out which state your body is in and when it has changed states.

Needless to say I was pretty excited to start. I decided to spend some money on the supplements he recommended for those wanting supplements (note that this is not a supplement based program. Supplements are not necessary, although taking them at the right dosage and the right times will roughly double your gains – at no time does he tell you supplementation is needed). I followed the instructions to the “T”.

I started out at 214 lbs and 17.2% Bodyfat. 1st stage ended and I was at 206.5 lbs and 15.5% Bodyfat. I am currently about 3 weeks into the 2nd stage of my first BP run and I am up to 222 lbs and my Bodyfat is at 16.1%. A quick check of the math shows that LBM has gone from 177.19lbs to 186.26lbs, or a gain of 9.07 lbs of LBM. Fat weight has gone from 36.81 lbs to 35.74 lbs or a loss of 1.07 lbs of bodyfat.

Conventional wisdom says that is impossible unless you are using steroids. Conventional wisdom is wrong, I hate to say. There is a substance that actually outperforms steroids in the long term (scientifically proven through numerous studies), and as the BP says “The people have the ammunition, but they aren’t pulling the trigger” regarding the use of this substance, which only works in certain stages and only after certain other things are done.

Now for the best part. When I first started, I was squatting 380 lbs 5 or 6 times and was struggling to do it. My 4th workout in the BP I hit 415 lbs for 4 reps, which was a PR for me. My 6th workout, I obliterated my PR 4 consecutive sets. That is not a mistype or misprint. I did 415 lbs x 8 reps/ 425 x 6 reps/ 435 x 6 reps/ 445 x 6 reps. My squat has gone up 65 lbs in 4 weeks. 65 pounds in 4 weeks!!

I could really care less if you believe this, don’t believe it or think this is all a bunch of baloney. The results are real and so are the noticeable changes, which include my traps literally exploding although I have not done a single trap specific exercise since starting the blueprint, added thickness that has been noticed and commented on by others who see me on a regular basis (including a guy at work who works out and asked me what the hell I was doing to gain that size in that short of a time), and leg muscles that are growing in size and definition… oh yeah, the best part is that you likely will be working out less than what you are right now, as I am on a 1 on/2 off split to allow maximum muscle growth.

Not only that, but I can tell you that Rob gives the best support of anyone I have ever seen. You can call/text/email/PM the guy and he responds very quickly. You can even request a customized program from him for a very low cost as well, but with the base program working so well for me, I doubt I will ever need one.

Bottom line is, I believe this program to be worth its weight in gold. With the new 3.0 version he has really outdone himself, including supplementation guide, a very detailed overview that is almost 80 pages long, trackers you can use on a daily basis that do a lot of the manual calculations for you, and workouts from start to finish. I cannot recommend this strongly enough. If he priced this at 10 times the price its at now, it would still be a bargain. Imagine never having to try the “supplement of the month” again and waste money, imagine never having to keep trying to figure out how to gain muscle and what to do (and not to do just as importantly).

You also get the exclusive “Formula”, a workout drink so good I will never train without it ever again in my life, and very likely playing a big part in what has been happening, and the “Recipe”, something new for 3.0 that will make your head spin.

Basically, all can say is that if you are tired of wasting your time and money and want to put on big time muscle over and over again… do yourself a favor and follow this program, you will not be disappointed, I promise you – this is the truth!”



“Value: 10/10. You get probably the best after sale service ever when you buy this, and the gains are repeatable per blueprint cycle.

Product effectiveness: 10/10. It’s awesome, I put on a good bit of lean mass thanks to this program helping to put my body into an anabolic state.

Overall: 10/10. I can see myself doing blueprint cycles even a year from now.

The only thing I can say negative is I was told all I would need is ‘A mimimal level of equipment that provides progressive resistance’. I think that’s a bit misleading because if you workout at home let’s say and all you have is dumbells, well then your not going to get as much out of the program compared to someone that has access to much more than that.”

DaCookie's review

“With regards to blueprint: It is definitely not just another program. It is very different from everything I have seen from the ‘popular programs’ crowd because it tuned and tweaked to lead into repeated states of borderline-overtraining and then to cut back on training stress just in the right moment in order to have the optimal growth stimulus. The addition of a strong adaptogen then fortifies and speeds up recuperation and regeneration tremendously, allowing for some insane gains within relatively short periods of time.”

Dr. P

From an online supplement forum

“The strength gains so far are sick. I had high expectations but so far The Blueprint has surpassed them.”


“Definitely the best money I’ve EVER invested!”

A. Perschbacher

Blueprint Believer, Clinton, IN

“I’ve used ALOT of different training methods over the years but nothing compared to the results I saw with this.”

Frank Castle

“I am still trying to wrap my head around the progress I have made just from the famine period to present.

My bodyfat is literally melting away. Today was the 2-3 rep range for the feast phase. I surprised myself yet again and am proud to say I destroyed all my previous PR’s.”


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