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3 Most Cost Effective Supplements


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If you train with any regularity with weights, you probably use supplements of some sort. Usually, a lot of supplements. This brings with it a financial outlay that in some cases is beyond considerable. Just paying for staples like protein can run into the hundreds of dollars a month. In fact, for those with the means I find it’s not uncommon for these people to drop $500 or more a month! Whether this cash outlay is worth it is another matter, but as an experiment I recommend people go off ALL supplements for a month, just to see the difference they’re making. As you can imagine, this suggestion hasn’t gone over well. It seems nobody wants to lose the “edge” they think they convey.

So I’m going to propose an alternative: Use just 3


Product #1 is probably no surprise, it’s creatine monohydrate. At this point there are hundred of studies showing creatine works, and you can get a kilo of the stuff for around $20. I would also suggest this be micronized creatine, as its absorbed better and won’t cause the stomach upset the non-micronized stuff is (in)famous for. Look for the creapure brand, as the rest of the junk out there comes from China and usually its loaded with impurities.

Personally, I take 10g/day for a week with food, fenugreek and a LOT of water. Then I cut back to 5g/day. The fenugreek isn’t that much extra for a bottle, and co-ingesting it with creatine has shown it improves uptake as much as carbs! 1200mg capsules is ideal. Below is the brand I use, and it’s standardized for a whopping 70% furostanolic saponins, which have benefits all their own. If you do it right, I’ve seen 10 lbs on the scale and in the muscles within 9 days..


Lecithin granules build muscle, burn fat and improve almost every aspect of your health! What more could you ask for? 2 tablespoons a day is the sweet spot IMO. It ramps up protein synthesis for 7 hours, so taking it with 20g of whey post workout and 25g of micellar casein or cottage cheese before bed is ideal.



Usually, you can find a big bottle in the supermarket for around $5. ACV is one of those supplements most people forget about, because it’s so… common. What is uncommon are the results it produces! Two tablespoons of this stuff with a meal has been shown to lower fasting glucose around 6%. It’s good for just about… everything. The neat part about ACV is after about 3 weeks of using it consistently, your waist shrinks. No kidding..


Whether you’re stretched too thin, in debt or God forbid find yourself out of a job, these supplements will carry you through the leanest of times. Please don’t overlook them..