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A Word About Blood Tests


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Obviously, we’ll be embarking on some pretty edgy stuff here. The ideal is to work with a physician insofar as getting baseline blood work done and having it done once a month thereafter.

The dicey part is when he asks, “why”? I’d suggest mentioning that you’re entering a particularly intense training stage and just want to ensure there are no problems. You’re being responsible, and should at least be given credit for that. Hopefully, you have insurance and your Dr. is amenable to it.

If NOT, other options do exist such as LEF.ORG.

Blood Testing

Pricey yes, but knowing what’s going on inside your body is critical during this time. Above all, safety and your health need to be tended to. Do NOT skip this step…


The specified supplements have been handpicked not only for efficacy, but for their safety as well. Although there exists no product with zero risk, this array bears little resemblance to the classic androgen stack side effect profile.