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And now, The Blueprint


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We’re going to get pretty detailed, but before we do let’s sketch out the big picture.

The Blueprint can be thought of in 3 phases:

  • FAMINE PHASE (5 days)
  • FEAST PHASE (4-6 weeks)

This is where the accelerated muscle growth actually happens. Your body is never allowed to adapt to whatever you’re throwing at it.

Ideally, a state of maximum anabolism is induced where your anti-catabolic machinery is in high gear. That state is characterized by adequate insulin being present to slow muscle breakdown. That’s one of the thing that insulin does but it’s very precise when this happens in the Feast Phase.

All the while, if you are using the adaptogens or ecdysterone (if you choose) they will accelerate assembly of new muscle proteins in the ribosomal. Again, you can run it without supplements or with, it is your choice.

This is THE best way to grow new muscle fast. The catch is, the window is limited in duration: four to six weeks. What we’ve done is manipulate certain variables to amplify and extend that window where muscle packs on at an astonishing rate.

The best part? The phases are flexible and can be repeated over and over.