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Gray Market Supplement Guide

Navigating the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2014
The Underground Legal Solution, For Drug Like Results


On December 18, 2014, President Barack Hussein Obama signed the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2014 – otherwise known as DASCA*.

In short, DASCA cracks down on the over-the-counter “prohormone” supplement
market and in no small way. In total, 25 of our favorite 4 carbon ring compounds

are newly criminalized as anabolic steroids. These products are now illegal not only to buy and sell, but to possess. If you’re found with any quantity of said substances on this list – it’s now a federal misdemeanor.

Distribution and possession with intent to distribute a re felonies, and you’d be surprised just how little could be construed as, “intent to distribute”. Get popped in a school zone with them, and your jail time automatically gets doubled.


You know that bottle of Superdrol you have laying around? It’s now as illegal as D- bol, Deca or A-bombs. For that matter, it may as well be crack cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine – they’re all Schedule III drugs in the eyes of the law. There will be no, “I didn’t know…”/”l wasn’t aware”. In some states, its automatic jail time and before you roll your eyes, it can and has already happened. All it takes is an over-zealous law enforcement officer, a bored state prosecutor in some sleepy little town or someone looking to make his or her mark and move up the ladder – and you’re toast.

More importantly, any product structurally similar to androgens or claiming to affect testosterone/build muscle can be declared illegal. DASCA even criminalizes very close relatives of the 25 listed steroids. It says that “a drug or hormonal substance (other than estrogens, progestins, corticosteroids, and dehydroepiandrosterone) that is not listed … and is derived from, or has a
chemical structure substantially similar to, 1 or more [listed] anabolic steroids [is considered an anabolic steroid] if… [it] has been created or manufactured with the intent of [promoting muscle growth or having pharmacological effects like testosterone or] has been, or is intended to be, marketed or otherwise promoted [to suggest it will promote muscle growth or have pharmacological effects like testosterone].” In other words, no more pro-hormones to pro-hormone shell game fella’s.

Other than DHEA, they’ve taken all testosterone and like anabolic
substances away from you – for good.


There is no grace period.

The previous anti-prohormone legislation (2004, effective in 2005) gave a 90 day grace period before the law took effect. Since there is no grace period in DASCA, innocent consumers have been turned into criminals literally overnight. The bottle you bought online December 17 became a controlled substance the very next day.

Possessing the bottle could now subject you to prosecution under USC 844 -federal drug possession.




I love this country. But we’re 18 trillion dollars in debt, under attack at home and abroad by terrorists while I sit here, watching our nation fall apart at the seams (Ferguson, Baltimore, etc.). The politicians are (as usual) useless. In order to look like they’re doing something though, they come up with a softball “save the children” issue like steroids – and wind up criminalizing you. The guy who just wants to put a few pounds on his bench press, maybe another inch on his arm.

You’ll be treated with the same disdain as a crack head or meth addict, classified with the bottom feeders of society and given a criminal record to boot. The politicians should take note: No meathead is knocking over 7/11’s to get his steroid fix. There is no great epidemic of ER visits attributed to steroids and any objective review of the scientific literature leads to one inescapable conclusion: Steroids are a remarkably safe class of drugs, far more so than any illegal street drug, tobacco and certainly alcohol.

Sure, there are side effects. These are no mystery and there exists a vast body of literature/knowledge as to how to combat them. For the record, I’m 100% in agreement that steroids and hormones are inappropriate for teenagers and athletes too. But to criminalize regular Joes/men who only desire to better themselves physically – is a gross injustice.

So let me be very clear about my stance on this issue:

It is confounding why our government goes after a sub-section of the
population that has goals, otherwise leads productive lives and
actively contributes to society.

That’s why this book had to be written. To give law abiding, mature and responsible trainees the knowledge how to get steroid like results – without illegal steroids or breaking the law!


Rather than write my Congressman (again) and get nowhere, I resolved to do something about it:

My objective then is to give you a legal stack that replicates a real cycle, keep it 100% legal, with minimal side effects associated with the more traditional drugs. It’s hypothetical of course, but it represents the best (legal) solution bodybuilders may have in the future…

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