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Coming Off


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The entire cycle can be run for up to 16 weeks. In fact, it should be run a minimum of 12, owing to the fact it takes some time for GH to elicit its hallmark effects. Once you’re done though, it pays to retain the gains. In other words, PCT.

STEP 1 Testosterone and GH

NOTE: If you’re concerned about test suppression, then you can of course keep test cycles shorter (4-8 weeks) and continue to cycle the GH peptides. Coming off HRT would involve your Dr. prescribing HCG and Tamoxifen, although not every Dr. will order those for you. In that event, I’d recommend simply never coming off.

Cycling off GH releasing peptides shouldn’t be a concern, as you won’t have suppressed your natural levels (only optimized them). Nevertheless, switching from peptides to GABA is favored by many at this time.


Part of the problem with coming off is that you don’t recover as fast. It’s just the nature of the beast: Catabolic hormones such as cortisol begin to dominate, and you’ll feel like a freight train hit you if you don’t take precautions.

The single biggest precaution to take frankly, is Mass Pro Synthagen:

One look at the user reviews should tell you why: There’s simply nothing like it, anywhere. Two bottles are recommended. The first should be loaded daily in the following fashion:

TRAINING DAYS: 5 caps just prior to, halfway through and immediately after training (total of 15). Once you observe the lightning fast recovery Synthagen is known for, dial it back to 4/4/4 etc. until such time as you realize your lowest effective dose.

OFF DAYS: 3 caps, 3x’s/day just prior to your 3 biggest meals


One of (if not the) biggest problem in coming off anabolics is this: You need to keep your food intake high, while continuing to favorably re-partition those calories toward muscle and away from fat. Without a quality re-partitioning agent, this is like watching a masterpiece (you) melt. The undisputable fact is that your anabolic machinery is compromised, and it needs some “help” in establishing your newfound muscle as permanent.

You need a strong, non-hormonal anabolic: PROGENADREX

If Mass Pro Synthagen is a grand slam, Progenadrex = game over. Quite simply, it’ll allow you to KEEP gaining (albeit at a slower rate), due to its effect on leveraging the most powerful anabolic you can put into your body: FOOD.

As with Synthagen, there is no “Yeah, I think it’s working…” with this product. Its effects are strong and noticeable from week 1.

TRAINING DAYS: 6 caps, just prior to training (15 minutes or so).

OFF DAYS: 6 caps with your highest CARB based meals of the day.