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CRUISE: Key Points


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  • Rotate the two workouts throughout the Cruise phase.
  • Remember, ensure progression by using SLIGHTLY more weight on all your lifts.
  • If attempting to ensure progression by adding weight, do NOT use more than 90% of your 1 Rep Max.
  • You must execute 6 to 7 workouts over a 14-21-day period.
  • In practice, I find that a 1 ON/2 OFF frequency is ideal.

The four identified keys to cruise I’ve identified are:
1.) maintaining a high workload;
2.) staying out of the 90th percentile;
3.) observing the law of progressive overload and
4.) maintaining that effort over at least a 2–3 week period.

There are no definite’s here, just guidelines. Your training and diet should be designed to deliver the message that nothing drastic is going on.


If you were using Progenadrex during Feast, it’s a good idea to use Mass Pro Synthagen during cruise (and vice versa). Alternatively, some use BOTH during Feast, and just run creatine monohydrate during Cruise. That’s a great strategy, because the creatine HCL in Progenadrex during feast makes a nice contrast to creatine monohydrate in Cruise. It allows you to gage which of them does what for you and as such, make better supplement decisions.


Curiously, many people will find muscle growth ongoing during this “cruising” period, despite no longer overfeeding, discontinuing use of performance-related supplements, etc. A happy coincidence but frequently reported by Blueprint trial participants. I suspect the body is still playing catch up.

While your body is recognizing a new homeostasis (and added muscle), a slight de-conditioning effect to the central nervous system settles in. This is beneficial for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that upon resuming the famine phase the alarm signal will be magnified. The stronger the alarm the better, as it potentiates the resulting adaptation and growth with your next feast phase.