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False Transference


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Another fundamental flaw during the introduction of adaptogens into the U.S. market has been the flawed “cycle” advice. As you can imagine, this line of thinking was influenced by steroids. The error in this thinking is the assumption that one can transfer what works well with a hormonal product to a non-hormonal product, “magically” transforming it via a completely different mechanism.

Further, it ignores the fundamental requirement that an alarm or resistance state be present first and places the adaptogen in a foreign environment. This has led to the sub-optimal use of adaptogens and consequently, sub-optimal results. So what have we learned?

Employing adaptogens optimally is dependent upon your body being in an adaptive state. If there is no condition to adapt to, adaptogens perform suboptimally. The Blueprint’s Famine phase fulfills the requirement of an “Alarm” state kicking things off. Only THEN (duration of Feast) can an adaptogen perform optimally.