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For five days we are going to create a brief state of controlled catabolism and body detox. That’s right, we’re going to do everything possible to intentionally not build muscle.

The key points in this phase are this: Keep your calories at eight times bodyweight and drink lots of water. What we are doing here is what androgens do but adaptogens do not; we are initiating a mild state of muscle tissue breakdown in order to accelerate the entire protein turnover cycle. (Little known point: Steroids accelerate both protein breakdown and synthesis. Obviously in favour of the latter.)

This is a way of doing it through nutrition and training

During this time, Famine, your diet will consist of fruits and vegetables, carbs from whole-wheat pasta, potatoes, leafy greens and some nuts. If you’re not into the math, I recommend you leave each meal a bit hungry. In fact, you should find yourself quite hungry during the entire 5-day period. You should attempt to cut out as much protein as you can during this time.

I know that sounds atypical, but trust me. The ideal is 30 grams of protein a day or under. If you like to party or stay out late, now is the time to indulge. Further, we are going to accelerate physical stress by ramping up training workloads.

So, through a combination of planned over-training and under-eating, we are initiating a stress on the body to adapt to.