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FAMINE: Workouts


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You will train three times in five days

It is a Push/Pull routine, to be performed on alternating days. Monday, Wednesday & Friday works great. If you wanted  to, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday that works fine too. Pick 2–3 exercises per body part focusing on maximally depleting the muscle and all of the energy substrates therein. Primarily ATP but there will be others.

In the following example, we use a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule. (But you can adapt to your schedule by alternating with a day off between workouts.)


Work Legs, Back and Biceps with two minutes of rest between sets. Three total sets for each movement in the 4–6 rep range.

As an example, these should be structured as jump sets in the following fashion.

*Superset: This refers to performing one movement (leg press) followed immediately thereafter with another movement (chin ups).


  • Leg presses, immediatly supersetted* with stiff-legged deadlifts.


  • Chinups, immediately supersetted with one arm dumbbell rows.


  • Standing dumbbell hammer curls supersetted immediately with incline dumbbells curls.

NOTES: You are going to be doing three total super sets for each muscle group and two minutes of rest between each superset. You’ll want to select a weight that puts you in the 4–6 rep range, so fairly heavy. (Experiment.)


Work Chest, Shoulders and Triceps.


  • Dips supersetted with flat dumbbell bench presses.


  • Standing barbell press supersetted with seated dumbbell shoulder presses.


  • Close grip bench presses supersetted with tricep push downs.

NOTES: So on Wednesday, instead of three, you’ll perform four total supersets for each muscle group with one minute of rest in between supersets. Shoot for a weight that you can handle in the 8–10 rep range. So a little bit lighter than Monday.


  • Repeat Monday’s workout but with this time with five total sets and just 30 seconds in between each set.
  • Select a weight that puts you in the 12–15 rep range. So you are going to be training much lighter however it’s also a much faster pace.

NOTES: Very demanding workout so warmup well for it. Complete it and you’ll be done with the Famine workouts.