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FEAST: Intro


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NOW FEAST: FOR 30–42 DAYS (4-6 weeks)

After activating your body’s anti-catabolic machinery, you are now primed to take maximum advantage of the unique properties that adaptogens convey. (If you choose to use them. Again, the system will work without them and I encourage you to run it without supplements first.)

You’re going to spend the next 30–42 days re-feeding a large quantity of carbs, protein and healthy fats to those hungry muscles.

You’re going to spend the next 72 hours focusing on eating and sleeping. Just eating and sleeping. Calories should be well above maintenance, at least 20 times bodyweight. So a 200 pounds person should be eating at least 4000 calories a day.

If you’re not into the math, you should leave each meal feeling “full”. Consume plenty of carbs, fats and make sure protein is at around 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight. In addition, add a few shakes of salt to a couple of solid food meal a day. Nothing drastic, just enough to facilitate transport into the muscle cells for those nutrients that are sodium dependent (creatine is just one). The early protein loading is also very important. In fact, what has been found is the more protein consumed during these first 72 hours, the faster your ATP-dependent proteolytic pathway will be restored and peaked.

After the 72 hours are up, you want to begin the following program. It is predicated on the one set to absolute failure type training, meaning your one work set detailed as follows will be an all-out effort. Of course you want to warm up to this way. But you have one chance, one work set to do it. And I know you will!