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FEAST: Workouts (Remainder)


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Lets talk about Feast workouts, once those once those first five are completed and you have a new one rep max in hand.

At this point, we’re going to take that new one rep max and use it with something called German Loading Pattern #1. There is an auto calculator (GLP 1) that was created for this where you just enter your new one rep max in a field, hit Enter, and presto! It spits out every weight to use, tells you how many reps to perform, for how many sets. All you need to do is lift it!

Thus, when you resume training, you will be performing your German Loading Pattern #1 sets FIRST in the workout. This, given your energy is highest and you need to be at your strongest. You’re also starting the workout with a big compound lift, which is always a good idea.


This particular loading pattern, German Loading Pattern #1, has been carefully chosen for its ability to radically increase your strength in a VERY short period of time. To be on the safe side, workout frequency wise, I find two workouts a week is optimal.

NOTE: Do not be concerned if you can’t complete every rep listed in every workout. Unlike other % based systems, this loading pattern, for whatever reason, does NOT require that every rep be hit on every set. Still, many of you will be able to and you should strive to complete each workout as prescribed. (You shouldn’t be missing multiple reps on multiple sets, that’s a different issue.) Don’t freak out if you miss one or two.


NOTE: It’s best to structure your workouts as follows. I’ll make the assumption that your anchor movement are Bench and Squat.


  • Bench Press German Loading Pattern #1 work for chest, shoulders and triceps.
  • Escalating Density Training (EDT) workouts, which I’ll get into in the next section.


  • Lower body. You’ll perform your German Loading Pattern #1 sets for the Squats first.
  • Escalating Density Training (EDT) work.

It is an incredibly powerful one/two punch that I know you’re going to love once you get into it.