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Guidance On Cardio – What Type, Where, When & How


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Finally, we get to cardio. Ideally, you want to perform these sessions on your off days in a fasted state, shortly after rising. If that’s not possible, no worries…. but with the combination of mild caloric deficits on these days and being in a fasted state will IMO, maximize your fat loss efforts.


With blood glucose low from the overnight fast, you’ll burn the same number of calories BUT a higher percentage will come from bodyfat. The body has no other choice. There will not be much glucose left so it has to turn to stored bodyfat as fuel to burn!!! Listen, I don`t know about you… but I abhor cardio!! Do you really want to spend all that time on an exercise bike (or whatever), running like a rat on some wheel, waiting 45 minutes for your body to tap into fat stores? Because that’s how long it’s going to take to start burning fat in a LISS session, given you’re on a primarily carb based diet, in a fed state!!

These sessions should be a mix of MOSTLY HIIT (on a bike or rowing ergometer), LISS (jogging, treadmill work) and GPP related work such as sled dragging, slam- ming sledgehammers into rubber tires (with your boss’s picture taped to such) . Make that switch from HIIT to LISS or GPP btw, once your body/brain starts to get bored with HIIT. Remember, cardio (especially HIIT cardio) can in fact… tax your recovery ability if performed too frequently!! You don’t need to perform these sessions every day… but do try to get them in while that calorie deficit is in play.

It makes a BIG difference. A final tip on HIIT; start slow if you’re not used to it. Just 5-7 minutes and build up to no more than 30 min on both the HIT/GPP work.

With respect to those LISS sessions, I’d recommend no more than 45 minutes, again in a fasted state. How you’d entertain yourself for that long though, is be- yond me. I suppose there’s a reason gyms include a healthy stock of magazines and big screen TV’s in front of all those treadmills?

LISS sessions should be reserved for those times when your legs are:

1. Fatigued from a heavy leg workout and/or
2. You feel an intense HIIT session will “take away” from an upcoming leg workout.

This is largely individual and depends upon the intensity you’re able to generate during HIIT, so do follow your instincts here. Beyond that, LISS is also acceptable when you need a mental break, from too much HIIT cardio. There’s a time and a place, for everything….

TYPES I favor sled pushes and pulls, sprinting with the sled and just regular sprinting to be most effective. You can certainly use the treadmill or bike, but I find them far less enjoyable (and effective).

Sprints just twice a week are all that’s required to keep the body lean, the muscle coming on and getting some much needed nutrient rich blood to the muscles. If you’re prone to hamstring tears, sprinting with a sled is just what the doctor ordered!

A total of 10 – 15sprints of increasing speed should be your goal for the day. Make sure to stretch, warm up etc and really build up to your max speed. Sprints are anabolic cardio!


With these cardio recommendations, you have the tools to make an AMAZING body transformation in just 6 weeks. People have literally dumbfounded their friends and family, to the point where they don’t recognize them. Tri-Phasic Energy Sys- tem Training married to this diet is THAT powerful. TNT cardio then is fast, efficient and most importantly – it works!

Resolve now to make your own transformation, and KNOW that you’re walking in the footsteps of success…