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High Dose TMG


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This stuff is building up an impressive track record insofar as small but very consistent muscle growth and fat loss effects.  Some recent headlines…

A dozen studies have now shown that trimethylglycine stimulates muscle growth. Italian researchers did in-vitro experiments with muscle cells and may have worked out how trimethylglycine does this. The Italians believe that trimethylglycine induces muscle cells to make more receptors for IGF-1.

Athletes who take 2.5 g betaine daily and do intensive training increase their body’s anabolic response to the workout. Sports scientists from the University of Connecticut write about the phenomenon in the European Journal of Applied Physiology.

Bodybuilders who take a daily 2.5 g betaine for six weeks will improve their body composition. Sports scientists from Coastal Carolina University draw this conclusion in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Recreational athletes can improve their sprinting capacity by taking a daily 2.5 g betaine for a week. Sports scientists at the University of Connecticut wrote about it in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

A dirt-cheap supplement helps strength athletes to get maximum reps when doing squats. Sports scientists at the College of New Jersey writing in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition state that students can manage more reps when doing squats if they take a daily 2.5 g of the amino acid trimethylglycine or betaine.

Supplementation with a hefty dose of betaine (about 10 grams) inhibits the growth of fat cells. According to an animal study that researchers from Sichuan Agricultural University published in Nutrients, betaine allows the body to build up more lean body mass while inhbiting the growth less fat mass. This happens when the body receives more energy than it burns, but also when caloric intake and burning are perfectly coordinated.

As an added bonus, TMG lowers homocysteine.


Although this ingredient is in Synthagen, I do think there’s a case for taking additional amounts during heavy training. For that, this is the product I use..

Folks, 500 grams for $15 is quite a deal for what it does! I would suggest a dose of 5-10 grams prior to training on workout days. Off days, consider splitting the dose – 5 grams in the early morning (when cortisol is usually highest) and 5g before bed.


TMG is one of the most cost effective performance enhancers around. Get on a good dose of it every day, and reap the benefits.