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How To Increase Growth Hormone 17x Above Baseline


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How To Increase Growth Hormone 17x above baseline – Without Drugs or Supplements!

What if I told you that merely by changing how you perform your reps could jack up GH 17 times normal? Would you be interested? Of course you would! Here then, is the  reseach supporting it and how I propose you go about it..


Strength athletes have tricks to boost growth hormone. For example, they can use supplements such as alpha-GPCGlycine, Lornithine or GABA.

The most impressive of these IMO is 3 grams of GABA prior to training, which showed a staggering 480% more biologically active GH vs. placebo. Yet even that pales in comparison to what I’m about to show you…

Brazilian scientists at the Methodist University of Piracicaba, discovered a way of increasing post-workout growth hormone secretion by an amazing 17 times normal. This is a lot more likely to have a positive effect on muscle growth, vs. straight amino acid ingestion.


*Biol Sport 2014; 31(4):289-294.

Researchers divided 16 experienced male resistance athletes into two groups and got both groups to do 4 sets of bench presses with 70 percent of their 1 rep max. The men in both groups did 8 reps. The men in one group took half a second to do the lowering part of the movement. The men in the other group took three seconds to lower the weight.


Before and for half hour after the short workout, researchers measured the concentration of lactic acid* [lactate] and growth hormone in the men’s blood. The concentration of lactate, but above all that of growth hormone, was higher in the men who had taken three seconds to do the eccentric or lowering part of the movement.

*Understand the correlation between lactic acid accumulation and GH release: The higher LA goes, the higher GH goes!!!

How much higher?

Fifteen minutes after the workout, the growth-hormone concentration was a whopping 17 times higher in the blood of the men in the slow eccentric group vs. men in the fast eccentric group.

Folks, that’s HUGE….


OK, so the key here is clearly rep speed. What I want you to do is try and control the negative for a 5 count. Why not 3 as the researchers used? Because left to their own devices, most trainees will count fast. Too fast and wind up closer to 1-2 seconds than 3. Plus, if you can control the weight for a full 5 count you demonstrate mastery of the weight IMO.

Plus, there’s evidence that the slower your reps (eccentrics, anyway), the more muscle you build!

In practice, I find this works best on your assistance exercises. For example, you may perform strength work on box squats as your core movement. After that’s done, you move on to leverage or hack squats along with glute ham raises as assistance movements. You’d work up to a weight where you can perform 7-10 solid reps with a 5 second negative/1 second explosive positive. Perform 2 such work sets for each movement and call it a day.

That equates to a time under tension of between 42 and 60 seconds, a TUT found to be much more favorable insofar as growing muscle is concerned.


By just slightly modifying your rep speed, you can cause an increase in Growth Hormone 17 times higher vs. “most people”.

That’s a huge advantage, and it’ll keep you well ahead of almost every other person in your gym!!!