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Hyperplasia High Level Overview


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  • 5 days of Famine (Up to 3 workouts over 5 days), as detailed in The Blueprint. Most will only need 2. If ever in doubt, skip workout #3. The goal is to under-eat (particularly protein, 50g/day or less) and intentionally over-train. Calories should be set at bodyweight x 8, with most of those coming from fruits, vegetables etc. Also, have to say this one last time – Famine is If you ever feel sick/off or just not right – discontinue immediately.


  • Famine’s training plus diet are designed to put your muscle growth physiology into high gear, by generating a stress for the body to adapt to. Done correctly, this should be a healthy/detox time where your body up-regulates every muscle building enzyme it has.


  • Begin Feast/Grey Market Supplement Intake. Make sure you’re eating big too, getting at least 1g of protein per pound of lean body mass. Calories should be bodyweight x 20 at a minimum.


  • Feast kicks off with 6 Enhanced Time Under Tension Workouts


  • Then we layer in Escalating Density Training for 6 weeks


  • Back to 6 Enhanced Time Under Tension Workouts


  • The Stack 10 + Lactic Acid Tolerance Training tag team finishes the job. Milk it for 6 weeks


  • Conclusion of week 16, move to Cruise and the Classic 5 sets of 5 reps for 3 weeks