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Injectable Glucosamine


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The Ultimate Blueprint was written almost 10 years after the original, and as such some of my own circumstances have changed. Specifically, some age-related changes in my connective tissues had taken place, and they weren’t for the better. I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my right elbow, an x-ray showing almost no cartilage present. My knees ached, and it was plenty difficult getting going most mornings. I guess you could say I’m getting old(er)…

For years, I’ve been a strong advocate of Cissus Quadrangularis for such issues. I still am, it’s a fantastic product. Yet it wasn’t helping much with my elbow pain, and my knees were still creaky. That elbow arthritis was a blessing in disguise though, because I went searching for better answers. Better in this case was glucosamine, but not in the typical fashion most take it. It would again be an unorthodox solution…


I first sampled some injectable glucosamine from my HRT doc. I was told to shoot 200mg 3 days a week, and I was absolutely shocked at how fast and how well it worked. Not just for my elbow, but knees and everywhere else that was getting dicey. The only problem was this: It was $175 for 30ccs and while that’ll last a while, it was something I knew I could do better on.



What I ultimately came across was an injectable glucosamine for race horses. It’s the same 200mg/cc strength as the one I got from my doc, but costs just $25 and you get a whopping 100cc’s, not just 30! And here’s one other BIG difference: No prescription required!!!



Obviously, my first question was surrounding its safety. I first reasoned that sterile is sterile and glucosamine is glucosamine. So far, so good. I also noted the following: The racehorses that this stuff is designed for are (sad to say) valued at a lot more than I am. These are million dollar+ horses, and they don’t do anything to jeopardize their safety.

Still, there’s only one way to find out right? I had to use it..

And I can report to you that it works just as well as the human Rx I was using. The same. No infections, no issues at all. Just joints that feel like I’m young again. I can now squat heavy twice a week, something my knees and back just couldn’t hack anymore before getting on this stuff.


Your joints only have so many heavy lifts in them, and this is nowhere more true than knees. Every day that ticks by is another day where you’re wearing away the cartilage between your joints. So even if you don’t have any pain currently, this stuff (for the $) is worth its weight in gold. Glucosamine attacks the problem 2 ways:

  • It slows cartilage loss and..
  • In some cases its actually re-grown cartilage between the joints.

If you’re 30 or older with no joint issues, I’d consider being on a low/preventative dose of this stuff, call it 200mg twice a week. It’s an intramuscular injection that’s easy to administer.

If you’re 40 or older I’d consider 200mg/3x’s a week and if you have real problems I think 300mg up to 3 times a week would be very effective.


Not everyone is going to be “ok” with shooting a veterinary product like this. I understand, I mean I get it. What you need to do then is to weigh the risk to benefit ratio to see if it’s right for YOU.

The optimal strategy may be to first try the best oral on the market and see how that treats you. In that case, I’d recommend Actistatin. 2nd to none in the oral glucosamine/chondroitin/collagen category.

It’s circa $55 and can be found everywhere from to WalMart.

If this works for you, by all means stick with it. Some however order Actistatin and then ask their doctors for an injectable glucosamine OR just order up the one for horses and have that on hand – just in case. In truth, I think this would be the better option. Actistatin is tops and if you can afford it – keep taking it. There are times though (job loss) where I take a lot of comfort knowing my sterile injectable vet preparation I’ll still be able to afford.

So do your own analysis and decide whether one or the other forms of glucosamine here are right for you. The doctors told me, “there’s nothing you can do”. Well, I certainly have done something and it’s working great!

I hope the same holds true for you in the event you ever need it…