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Last But Not Least: Conditioning Your Heart and Lungs


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We’ve found the gains to be so fast and furious on this plan that at times the cardiovascular system can’t keep up. Which is to say even though it’s almost all muscle coming on, you’ll find yourself out of breath just walking up the stairs or carrying groceries/kids around.

There are two ways to remedy this, and it pays dues to prepare in the weeks before embarking on  this plan

#1). You MUST up your cardio

Realize that the heart and lungs are going to be carrying around a lot more LBM and further – they’re responsible for pumping fresh nutrients from your diet into those growing muscles. 2 weeks to get in fantastic cardio shape is recommended. A mix of High Intensity Interval Training, Low intensity steady state and sled dragging/GPP is preferred.


#2) The following minimal threshold should be achieved and maintained

Run on the treadmill at 6mph for 10 minutes. This is roughly equal to 1 mile. If you can’t run a mile in 10 minutes, you’re out of shape!