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NEEDLES (Pins, Darts, Points, etc.)


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Some of these suggestions involve injecting (aka pins, darts and points). Needles push a phobia button in the general populace though, for what reason I’m not certain. They are virtually painless, and the peptide injections are considerably easier than your test cypionate injects so familiarity should breed confidence.

You do need to make sure needles are legal in your state:

Many are, and truth be told most warehouses shipping pins don’t check. In fact, you won’t even need to sign for them if you know where to look. Where to look is right here. Allegro Medical:

Box of 100 for around $17, shipped to your door – no signature required.

These 23 gauge pins are 1″ long, and they’re fine enough to draw and shoot your test and peptides with. Speaking of test, I’ve been successfully dosing my lab
animals sub-cutaneously (sub-q) now for several months. This simply involves injecting just below the top layer of skin, into fat. A nice tutorial on sub-q test injections follows. You may want to avail yourself to this option particularly with respect to test, as you need less of it and less of it aromatizes to estrogen.

Sub Q Injection Tutorial:
Also, be sure to pick up sterile or bacteriostatic water. This will be needed to re-constitute* the peptides, as they arrive in a freeze dried powder in a vial. Here’s what you’re looking for:

At $4.99 for 10ml, I’d pick up 3 just to be set for a while.

  • “Reconstitute” = Fancy word for adding water to them. You simply draw up the appropriate amount of sterile water into a syringe, and trickle it into the side of the peptide vial while rolling it. You don’t want to just shoot it into the peptide, as they’re fragile molecules.

After mixing/re-constituting, the peptides must be refrigerated.