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Next Up? STACK 10


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The Genius Strikes Again – Charles Staley

“Stack 10” training is a system I originally came across when researching overload techniques for Progenadrex. Its sole reason for being is to accelerate muscle growth, so it stands to reason I had to couple it with a training system that did the same. I was well aware of EDT’s power to do this, but was toying with other hypertrophy related programs as well. Like EDT, it works so well because it auto-regulates your training intensity, volume and frequency via bio-feedback.

Enough big words, let’s get to the nuts and bolts…




Earlier I spoke to the power of staggering HIT type protocols with volume phases, and introduced the Enhanced Time Under Tension + EDT model. Understanding how the body adapts though, that cycle can only be repeated so many times, so a new volume oriented program is warranted. Stack 10 is a progressive 6 week plan, so mimics EDT in that regard (duration). It goes a long way to filling up your 16 week training plan/supplement “super cycle”. There’s also this to consider: Recall you’ll be coming off an EDT cycle where you were doing low reps. Stack 10 is multiple sets of 10 reps.

There’s a method to my madness… J

Finally, we all have a lift we want to improve. Hopefully, it’s a big barbell lift because it’s those that build the most muscle. Stack 10 again fits the bill because it’s specifically designed to greatly accelerate your gains in one stubborn lift.