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Optimal Anti-Oxidant


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  • 3x/day and ideally with breakfast, lunch and dinner consume the following. You’ll need 3 separate pillbox containers. Hell, with all the shit you guys are taking (based upon the PM, emails and phone calls I get daily!), you’ll probably need a fish tackle box!!

1 quality, highly absorbably multivitamin such as MASS’S Multi-Life.

MULTI-LIFE The World’s Finest vitamin, mineral, anti-oxidant and drain support formula. Sold by medical groups for $60 a bottle. Invest in yourself today. l80ct/2 months $28.95. $1.00/day, to more than cover all of your micro-nutrient needs? C’mon         ©

Big.Jaz became a convert. Fellow Believer’s, if Hanl Jazayrll a.k.a “Superman” uses it, it’s good enough for you!!!

To be fair, I’ll offer another alternative in this category, Optimum Nutrition’s Opti-Men tab.

  • 1 Tablet of Vitamin C (1 .OOOrng) – While you’re at MASS’S site, you can pick this AND natural Vitamin E up as well!!
  • 200 I.U. of natural Vitamin E. You’re looking for d-alpha-toco-whateverol, nofthe SINthetic dl-alpha-toco-whateverol. Huge difference in the body’s ability to absorb, utilize and reap the benefits!
  • 1 cap of Primaforce’s Insupro-R. which is lOOmg of R-ALA + Img biotin.

REASON? They’ve done their homework on this one. It’s because any form of ALA past the 300mg/day mark but in particular, the mixed isomers you’ll find at your local supermarkets and what have you. will deplete the body of biotin. You’ll notice for example, chapped lips like, right quick without the biotin!

BONUS: It also re-generates the anti-oxidant tag team of vitamins C and E. you’ll be co-ingesting!!! Again, the trademark fairness – good Lord, another tm. the tm tab is piling up fast…), you can obtain many of these items here:

Allow me this one, final comment about the owner Mike McCandless. He is a class gentlemen and has been since day #1, the day I started doing business with him. Like

John Drake of MASS, Ron Kramer of Thermolife, TheHuge of Blotlvla etc.,, they’re all cut from the same, Blueprint like cloth.

Integrity, top shelf service, value and “truth speakers”….

Mike has been in the business for over a decade. He originally started the and websites, which he sold in 2006. All of his products currently carried have independent lab tests, from RTP-Labs in Raleigh, NC.

This, to ensure your dollar rests easy, after it leaves your wallet.