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Some of these ideas require an open mind as they have seldom been discussed. Be assured, however, that they represent nearly thirty years’ worth of research, testing and refinement on my part.

The integrated training and dietary protocols mentioned here squeeze every last bit of efficacy from your efforts and are rock solid insofar as delivering results. What began as a deep study on my part into the optimal use of a supplement category (Ecdysterone based adaptogens) revealed that the environment where they were used was very important. So important, that key trainers and scientists interviewed considered their use a waste when not following the right “blueprint.” Let’s be up front about something; The Blueprint protocol, diet and training protocol is what is at the forefront here, not the supplements.

If you do choose to use supplements, this protocol will maximize their impact and accelerate your results. Indeed, Ecdysterone needs to be positioned appropriately to reap the unique benefits they convey and this is what the Blueprint was designed for. It is a happy coincidence the plan also works well without them.