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Russian Strength Program Generator


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CODE                        % of 1RM                  Sets x Reps

1                                  80%                            6×2
2                                  80%                            6×3
3                                  80%                            6×2
4                                  80%                            6×4
5                                  80%                            6×2
6                                  80%                            6×5
7                                  80%                            6×2
8                                  80%                            6×6
9                                  80%                            6×2
10                                85%                            5×5
11                                80%                            6×2
12                                90%                            4×4
13                                80%                            6×2
14                                95%                            3×3
15                                80%                            6×2
16                              100%                            2×2
17                                80%                            6×2
18                              105%                            1×1

COMMENTARY From Germany we travel to Russia, home of the world’s finest ecdysterones 🙂

This is the longest of all loading patterns specified and delivers another quality 5% to your lifts. It does so however, via a very unique total tonnage loading/de- loading mechanism.

You’ll notice every other workout returns you to baseline or 80% for 6 sets of 2 reps. Further, it asks no more of you than 80% of a 1RM through workout #9…which is VERY important at this point in Blueprint Periodic. For example, where else in the accompanying spreadsheet do you find yourself working with no more than 80% of 1RM for more than 3 weeks? This is crucially important because without giving your CNS a break it burns out. The popular solution is just to go lighter. While this indeed works to give the CNS a break, it does NOT keep you gaining strength.

The Russians figured out a way for you to give the CNS a needed break while continuing to build strength! Workouts 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 and 17 should be performed with a close/wide grip alternating from workout to workout for aforementioned reasons. If applying this to squats/deadlifts, slight variations in stance are likewise recommended. Frequency is again, individually determined. It is particularly important to manage this to the best of your ability with this loading pattern. Eighteen workouts is a long way to go, and keeping fresh both mentally and physically over that time period can be a challenge. I like an every other day frequency through workout #8, at which point I take 2 full rest days prior to the heavier workouts # 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18. I don’t believe in “over-supplementing”, but if you’re going to pour it on, this is the loading pattern to utilize supplements with. Specifically, BCAA loading pattern #2 is for me (likely due to my age) a must as is the use of Kre-Anabolyn. Take 7-10 days off to regroup, re-load and begin the following based upon your new 1RM from the Russian program…

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