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Signs in Cyberspace: Clues


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Sifting through thousands of logs, I noticed an interesting trend: People using adaptogens on a low calorie or “cutting” diet were consistently reporting better results. They retained more muscle, more strength and had greater energy.

But why?

A low calorie diet is seen by the body as a challenge or “stress”!

Such environmental stress causes your body to go into survival mode, up regulating all of the enzymes, hormones etc. necessary to build and preserve muscle tissue. “RCE” was working well here, far better than in a bulking environment. Elsewhere, there were other clues. Studies performed on chickens, pigs and cattle all pointed to greater “feed efficiency” in livestock. Feed efficiency refers to greater muscle mass gained from the same or a lesser amount of food.

Looking closer, I noticed another interesting pattern. Both people and animals using adaptogens during the transition from the alarm phase (triggered by dieting and intentionally overtraining) to the resistance phase (accelerated by re- feeding and de-loading) put on astounding muscle. Far more so than controls who weren’t using adaptogens. Alarming the body, then re-feeding with adaptogens triggered, accelerated and extended the anabolic window, as the Soviets found.

All of this was beginning to add up. I began researching ways to better trigger, amplify and extend these states. Staying in this zone packs on muscle at a much faster rate than any other method ever encountered. In the short run, results are only exceeded by anabolic steroids. In the long run, it legit beats the drugs. In fact, typical Blueprint customers regularly report 8-10lbs of muscle gained during their very first run. This is over a time period of about 6 weeks max, so it is VERY significant and comparable to androgen/prohormone type gains.

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