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STACK 10: How it Works, In a Nutshell


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Stack-10 training calls for doing successive sets of 10 reps, starting with the bar and adding 10% more weight each set until you fail to hit 10 reps.


This works for any big barbell lift, but let’s apply it to the bench press. Our hypothetical trainee is going to train once a week, let’s call it a Monday. He’s working on JUST this lift/technique btw, that’s all that’s required. After warmups, he’s going to use 10 reps for every set he performs. UNTIL he gets to a set where he CAN’T get 10 reps. Let’s look at our hypothetical trainee below, who currently has a 1RM of 405lbs.

He starts with the empty bar for 10 reps then he ups it to 95lbs for 10. Then 135, 185, 225 and 275 – all for 10 reps. At some point, he gets to a weight (315) where he can’t get 10 reps. Right then and there, he terminates his workout.

Set 1: 45 x 10
Set 2: 95 x 10
Set 3: 135 x 10
Set 4: 185 x 10
Set 5: 225 x 10
Set 6: 275 x 10
Set 7: 315 x 6


Seven days later, your only goal is to blast through those 7 sets and get more reps than last time. Once you manage 315 for 10, your next workout will contain an eighth set with 365 pounds. The first time you add this new weight, don’t expect to get more than a few reps with it.


You get the gist of it. Grueling, but incredibly effective on a number of levels. The mechanical volume sure is there, as you’ll be doing 50+ reps every workout! And most importantly, the all-important overload mechanism is too.


ONE NOTE: Rest as long as needed between these sets, in order to get the required 10 reps. I would suggest 5 minutes between sets, but no less than 3.