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STEP 2: Optimizing Your Test Levels


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Step 2 involves the following:

  1. ) Getting the right HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy from your Dr. OR;
  2. ) Using transdermal DHEA, to boost endogenous test levels
  3. ) Using 3,4-Divanilyltetrahydrofuran IF your free test levels aren’t optimal

The first option should be pursued most aggressively, as getting pharmaceutical grade test is much preferred. It will however, require some effort on your part as most physicians are reluctant to prescribe it in any meaningful dosages. The ideal is to get a script for 200mg/week of testosterone cypionate, so that’s your objective.

In order to do this, you’re going to need to see your Primary Care Provider/GP who’ll likely give you a referral to an endocrinologist. The discussion will be something similar to this:

“I’d like to have my testosterone levels checked, because I’m suffering all the symptoms of low testosterone:

  • Lack of energy/drive
  • No libido
  • Inability to get/maintain an erection
  • You don’t bounce back as fast from physical exertion as you used to
  • You’re looking at things from a glass half full perspective
  • You’re losing your edge at work and it’s causing problems with the wife in bed, she thinks there’s something wrong with her…
  • Most important: “This is a quality of life issue doc. I feel terrible, and turning into a grumpy old man is causing problems at work and at home…”
  • Practice, practice, practice. Appeal to the doctor’s expertise, his authority.

“I need your help, I can’t do this alone…” etc.

The meeting with the endo will go somewhat similar, although he’ll perform other subjective/objective tests like a visual check of your balls – comparing them to what they consider them to be “the norm”. He’ll ask about your shaving habits (you notice you don’t need to shave as much), your love life (you have no desire, and when it’s game time you can’t stay up) and some other lifestyle related questions. At every turn, you’ll likely present as hypo-gonadal. You’re tired, run down and grumpy. Remember, this is a quality of life issue – don’t even mention the gym.

A blood test will be ordered, and it’s make or break time. Of course we already know the answer, and wouldn’t you know it – you were right.

You have low T…