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STEP 4: Layer in Creatine Plus Fenugreek


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I originally advocated layering in SARMS as a next step, but need to update that advice: I don’t think the risk/reward is there anymore. This, given the truly effective SARMs are showing some suppression and liver toxicity. Combined with meager gains, it’s just not worth it.

What IS worth it is this: Creatine plus Fenugreek

10g/day of creatine with food and 500-750mg of Fenugreek is ideal. People weighing 200lbs and over can expect to gain up to 10 solid pounds in as many days! This is NOT a mis-print.

It seems the fenugreek works to hold food and creatine in the small intestine longer, leading to much greater uptake, assimilation and absorption. It’s turned more than one creatine non responder into a believer!
As for which Fenugreek, I use the following and it works well for me. It’s also VERY reasonably priced AND has shown higher test levels.