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What you just read is hands down, the most result producing “legal” stack of performance enhancers ever devised. Side effects should be limited to test suppression only, which can be dealt with either by staying on OR coming off with HCG plus Tamoxifen.

With androgen and GH levels optimized, creatine plus fenugreek go to work upping the anabolic index giving you a true edge in muscle building power. Provided any reasonable starting point, you should reach a physical zenith in short order. Some people have put on 20lbs of visible muscle tissue in just 21 days. Granted, some of this is water from the creatine, but 20lbs is 20lbs – all in the muscles

When it’s time to come off you’ll recover endogenous testosterone production, prevent the cortisol backlash and maximize every morsel of food that you eat to keep the muscle on. In short, you’ll keep virtually everything you’ve gained.

So there you have it: How to navigate your way through a world where “muscle building” is rapidly becoming a crime. They say where there’s a will there’s a way.

The way has just been shown to you…

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