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Supplements: A Final Word


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I hope you know by now I’ve told you the truth about supplements. They aren’t necessary to build muscle, but several will work exceptionally well when appropriately positioned to accelerate your results. Used with precision in The Blueprint, our recommended supplement plan exploits 3 powerful strategies:

By totally eliminating supplements during the famine phase, we accelerate the catalyst (anti-catabolic activation) needed to set in motion the series of events that are necessary for adaptogens to exert their unique effects.

Adaptogens are then introduced on top of stretch position movements, amplifying the PI3K-AKT pathway, whereupon…

Adaptogen effects are further magnified by plunging the body into a deep alkaline state, creating a “greenhouse” effect and allowing for startling new muscle growth.

Again, it can be done with or without the supplements I’m recommending. Personally, I look at it like any other kind of technology. You can get from point A to point B faster and more efficiently. You take a car to work, right? Why not a horse and buggy or if so inclined, walk? Because you’re want to use technology to your advantage. The choice is yours.

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