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T2 Thyroid Secret


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For a lot of people, fat loss is their ultimate goal. Quite a few people, in fact. These people focus largely on magic beans, and don’t have their fundamentals dialed in. Since I know my customers, I know that’s not you. For you, that little 5% edge you can get from something I recommend makes the difference.

That something is T2, or 3,5 Diido L Thyronine..


Let’s be honest: Most “fat burners” suck. There is nothing that outperforms the original E/C stack, that being ephedrine/caffeine. Ephedrine is kept behind the pharmacy counter as Bronkaid or Primatine. You want Primatine tabs, which by label are 12.5mg of ephedrine hcl. Add a 10:1 ratio of caffeine (12.5mg ephedrine, 125mg of caffeine) and you have hands down the most powerful fat burner you’ll ever find. BONUS: It’s cheaper than most of the crap out there too…

So if stepping it up from E/C is the goal, most people go to clenbuterol. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, am saying there is cardio-toxicity associated with it. So people look to EGCG, or Yohimibe etc etc. Those are good adjuncts, but nothing beats adding T2 to the mix..

Almost nobody thinks of it, as the product maintains I suspect a deliberate low profile. You see, the FDA has a real hard on for thyroid hormones, and this is an honest to goodness REAL thyroid powerhouse.



This product is so potent, it’s only 100 MICRO grams (mcg) per capsule. Two caps per day is what’s recommended. I would suggest first taking it without any ephedrine/caffeine to assess tolerance. Then, provided that goes well add it to the lowest possible dose of ephedrine/caffeine (perhaps just 12.5mg effy and 50-100mg of caffeine.

You should feel hot and energetic, although not overly so.

Provided that goes well, consider dosing e/c/T2 twice a day, not more than 3 and never after 3PM (as it can cause insomnia). Also, be aware that while on T2 you may retain some water. This is entirely temporary and resolves soon after you discontinue the T2.

T2 being minimally suppressive, you can stay on a good 4-6 weeks. Be aware that too much thyroid really chews up muscle, so it’s prudent to not over-train and increase protein intake accordingly.


Adding T2 is the single most powerful thing you can do after using the ephedrine/caffeine stack. Reserve it for when you’re chasing down that last little bit of bodyfat. And keep the secret to yourself J