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Talking to the Chemist


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I was fascinated with one adaptogen in particular, that being ecdysterone and its functional analogs derived from various botanicals around the world. That meant only one thing: I had to get a hold of Mark Thierman (no easy task).

Mr. Thierman was the mastermind behind the first truly effective adaptogen analogs in the U.S., those being Amino Discounters “Mesobolin” and the long gone, ZOE Discoveries “Zebutol” and “Hexandrolone” products. He dropped lots of frank and revealing insight during our discussions, but one thing in particular stood out. When I asked what the single biggest mistake people were making with valid adaptogens that prevented them from seeing the stellar results cited in the former Soviet studies… his reply was curious: “Adaptogens are the ammunition, but people aren’t firing the gun”.

What Mr. Thierman went on to explain and what I eventually learned after speaking to multiple other adaptogen authorities was eye opening.

The former Soviet strength coaches had undertaken extensive testing (blood and other objective tests) of their athletes to identify distinct physiological states their athletes were passing through. It was found that a fundamental requirement to making continuous progress was passing through each state on a repeated basis. That is, they were activating, amplifying and extending the growth state. Take note of each phase as the first and most important is being skipped by many people using Ecdy today, which I’ll expand on a bit later. In order to get to the growth state, they were doing something very “different” and completely contrary to what we’ve all been taught.

What was found was that a repeatable cycle existed of establishing a “norm” for the body, setting in motion a brief disruption of that norm, hyper-adapting to it with ecdysterone and re-establishing a new norm with more muscle tissue. That cycle was then repeated on a monthly basis to literally make the Soviet sports machine and their athletes the best the world had ever seen. And yes they used steroids too, but adaptogens were key during certain periods of time in between and when the athlete could no longer tolerate the drugs.

Conventional training, diet and supplementation techniques do not respect these states, nor do they map out for you how to manipulate them. This situation is actually beneficial for flavor-of-the-month supplement companies, gyms, trainers and common workout course sellers – but not for you!

You see, when you’ve hit a plateau you get frustrated. That frustration leads to action, usually manifested in the form of buying that latest-greatest super machine or supplement. It’s a classic problem, reaction, solution play. Nutritional supplements alone aren’t powerful enough to generate the needed shift in your physiology, nor is the new routine or machine in Muscle & Fitness.

There, somebody finally said it!

It’s like driving a car with a standard shift. If you can’t shift, you eventually get stuck. You don’t need an oil change, you need to learn how to shift. It’s that simple. By learning to shift, you’re now in a place where YOU take control of these physiological states and can start reaping the benefits of intelligent, measured use of your time and money!