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The 10% Solution


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The final loading pattern is really the icing on the cake and deceptive in its simplicity. Link to auto calculators:


This loading pattern calls for 12 total workouts, structured as follows:

CODE            Workout                     Percent of 1RM                    Sets x Reps

1                                  65%                                        3 x 3

2                                  75%                                        2 x 3

3                                  85%                                        2 x 2


1.) Follow this schedule exactly for week 1.

2.) For weeks 2 and on, increase the weights according to the following table:

1RM < 150 lbs          Increase loads by 5 lbs per set

1RM 155 – 295 lbs  Increase loads by 10 lbs per set

1RM 300 – 395 lbs  Increase loads by 10 lbs on Mon & Wed, and by 15 lbs Fri

1RM > 400 lbs          Increase loads by 15 lbs Mon & Wed, and by 20 lbs on Fri

For those of you who are mathematically challenged (include yours truly), I offer the following in an effort to clear the confusion. The following example based upon a 225lbs 1 rep max bench press:

Workout #1                                 Workout #2                                       Workout #3

(Monday)                                    (Wednesday)                                    (Friday)


WEEK 1: 145lbs, 3 sets of 3 reps / 165lbs, 2 sets & 3 reps / 190lbs, 2 sets 2 reps WEEK 2: 155lbs, 3 sets of 3 reps / 175lbs, 2 sets of 3 reps / 200lbs 2 sets 2 reps WEEK 3: 165lbs, 3 sets of 3 reps / 185lbs  2 sets of 3 reps / 210lbs 2 sets 2 reps WEEK 4: 175lbs, 3 sets of 3 reps / 195lbs 2 sets of 3 reps / 220lbs 2 sets 2 reps

Frequency: You’ve got 30 days to get 12 workouts done. A M-W-F approach works for many and is perfectly acceptable. I like to use an every other day approach and insert two full days of rest prior to the last workout of the week.

This program gets VERY intense VERY quickly. Check out how many “red-zone” workouts in this program vs. the 3 others I rotate throughout Blueprint Periodic.

Like German Loading Pattern #1, 66% of workouts (8/12) have you in the 90th percentile or greater but it only keeps you there for a finite amount of time.

Hint: It’s also why it’s very effective.

If you’re looking to supplement, BCAA Loading Protocol #1 is suggested for this loading pattern but do feel free to experiment. Due to the CNS demands, this is very stressful on your adrenals. More so than the 3 other loading patterns specified here. IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU ADDRESS THIS. You didn’t come this far to burn out, especially as you’re probably on the cusp of new highs in personal power.

Adaptogens then, are essential. If foregoing Ecdysterone/Kre-Anabolyn/Creatine etc, I’ve had great success with high dose MACA, Korean Red Ginseng extracts as well as PeakATP/Phosphatidylserine.

If so interested in a simple, all-in-one combination, all those and other goodies are contained in the new MASS Burn It Up! Formula, seen here-

I like to run 2 caps on “off” days and 3 caps on workout days, preferably 30 minutes prior to the workout. One bottle gets you through this loading pattern.


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