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Eating big and still have trouble putting lean muscle on? No problem…

Mix the following up and drink immediately..

1.) 1/2 can coconut milk
2.) An equal amount of unsweetened pineapple juice
3.) 25-30 grams of micellar casein OR Milk and Egg Protein

Work up to 2 of these/day between meals and your muscle gaining problems are OVER. The drink works because there are enzymes in pineapple juice which help break the protein down into its constituent amino acids, but it lasts for up to 7 HOURS in the body (vs. whey a around 60-90 minutes).

Likewise, there are fats known as MCT (Medium Chain TriGlycerides) in coconut milk which break down bodyfat. It is light years better than any “weight gainer” you can buy commercially.

Of all the diet tips in The Ultimate Blueprint, this is one of (if not them) most powerful…

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