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The Power of Just 5 Minutes


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The Power of 5 Minutes

The power of 5 minutes is a training technique that make triggering muscle growth simple. As an example, you would perform as many reps of chin ups in 5 minutes as possible. Let’s say you performed 25 chin ups in 5 minutes. To ensure progressive overload, your sole objective next time you perform this workout would be to get more than 25 reps. You can go about this several different ways, but I like performing 2 to 5 chin-ups, resting 30 seconds… then performing 2 or 5 more. Rinse, wash and repeat until you achieve as many reps as possible.

The same technique can be applied to dips, or even better super-setting the 2. In that instance, perform 2-5 chins and then without any rest, dips. Rest 30 seconds and continuing repeating that superset until such time as 5 minutes is up. Your first workout is you “baseline”, and then from there it’s simply a matter of performing more total reps every time you repeat that workout.

This is an incredibly simple, but powerful method of muscle hypertrophy. Chins and dips are without question 2 of the best exercises you can perform, and work the entire upper body. Using this workout twice a week will stimulate fantastic growth, increase intensity (and volume) thereby optimizing your mechanical work that’s necessary for optimal muscle growth. Don’t let the simplicity of what I just described fool you: This is an incredibly demanding technique, doubly so if super-setting the exercises I just described.

One final note: This method needn’t be limited to chins and dips. You can perform 5 minute sets on any number of exercises. Pushups, 1 arm DB rows, DB step ups, hanging leg raises, bodyweight squats, bridges etc. 5 minute sets also build excellent work capacity. You get optimized intensity, volume, muscle growth and work capacity all in one shot!

Two workouts a week with 5 minute sets is about right. Now get cracking, and keep upping those rep totals!