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Let’s Make This Easy!

I’ve crafted the following diet to exquisitely match the tri phasic energy training template.

In a nutshell:


Eat low carb (under 50g/day) consuming mostly fat/protein. Meats, cheese, eggs etc. There are NO calorie guidelines. We’re modulating favorable hormonal pro- files through MACRO-NUTRIENTS, not calories.

This low carb advice goes for most times during the week, EXCEPT for the two hours post workout. During this time, you’re allowed up to  200g of carbs. Relief!

SO ONE MORE TIME: LOW carbs M-F, except in the 2 hours post workout


HIGH carb, moderate protein and low(er) fat intake. NO caloric limit!

All these carbs lead to cellular stretching, which in and of itself will set you up for greater leverage/strength come Monday’s workout which demands great strength and power. Tuesday we go further into a carb deficit which facilitates fat loss without any actual muscle loss. This is important given that there will still be some glycogen/fuel available for Wednesday’s workout – demanding great Beta Strength/total tonnage done per unit of time work geared toward hypertrophy.

THURSDAY* sees a VERY aggressive carb deficit, giving you maximal fat loss (especially when fasted state cardio is performed), and it’s the PERFECT tee up to the end of the cycle. Which brings us to Friday*…. ?

FRIDAY* defines the very word, “brutal”. Why is this so? It’s because that depletion of muscle substrate is taken a step further, when we initiate Lactic Acid Tolerance Training on this day. When this workout is complete, the enzyme glycogen synthase is jumping, and its reason for being is to store glycogen/swell the muscle cell. We’re not going to wait around, to take advantage of that either.

We’re going to hitch a ride on that train to Gainsville – by kicking off Saturday/Sunday’s high calorie, high carb party right away. Doing so will make you THAT much bigger/stronger, and make the required progression on next Mon- day’s Alpha/Absolute strength day seem like child’s play.

What you wind up with is a very elegant, precise and vicious cycle – that will finally give you everything. Alarming increases in strength/size, bodyfat melting like butter in a microwave and conditioning that will rival that of the most elite athletes on the planet.

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