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Tri-Phasic Energy System Training: Background


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This training system is the marriage of 3 very different workouts over the course of a week, dovetailing with a new diet we’ve paired it with. If you know our other literary works, you know this: We don’t do re-hashed hash. What you’re about to read will challenge everything you know, yet vault you to a level of size, strength and conditioning that leaves your friends and family dumbfounded.

This is a repeating weekly cycle that draws upon three different en- ergy systems your body fuels off of, both in response to training and diet stimuli. Every move you make, every step you take, sets you up for a bigger, better and leaner tomorrow. Where the usual BP training separated periods of time dedicated to muscle cell substrate depletion and super-compensation over weeks, we do so here on a DAILY basis.

At the core here  is what we’ve deemed tri-phasic energy system training. It’s important to understand a bit about this, given you’ll be calling on each system at different points during the week to leverage the best of all 3. When you exercise/train with weights, a certain demand is put upon the body in order to fuel that particular type of exercise. The 3 different energy systems then, are as follows:

1.) The Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) – Phosphocreatine pathway Example – Powerlifter attempting a 1 repetition maximum (absolute strength)

2.) The Lactic Acid tolerance pathway Example – A college wrestler

3.) The VO2 max pathway

Example – Long distance runner
Normally, training is focused at various points on just one energy system. Accordingly, the body becomes very adept at using this system – while the others lay dormant. Such was the old approach to peaking max strength, muscle growth or excelling in endurance/conditioning related events. Since the Lactic Acid tolerance pathway demands a great deal of both, wrestlers and mixed martial artists were my focus.

Extensive interviews, reviews of their training and dietary strategies revealed much. They are unique athletes that have been pursuing success in their sport via some very unique training methodologies, and there were many clues. More importantly, they existed in this state for long stretches of time and could maintain a high level of muscular output, endurance and overall superior performance vs. other athletes. This is exactly what I was striving for and in some cases – eye opening.

The problem was this; most wrestlers and fighters were stringently dieting to make weight. Wrestlers in particular, have incredible mental strength insofar as “going without” food and in some cases, water during VERY strenuous exercise. That latter scenario also leads to DEATH on occasion, so please take note: You can take things too far.

One common pitfall we noted was that many lost a LOT of muscle (too much), strength and power in the process. The pre-occupation of “making weight” trumped every other consideration. With these guys, if they don’t make weight they can’t compete. That means either letting your team down or losing your paycheck. Fortunately for us, most won’t be in this quandary.


You’ll have it all because you’ll train it all. You’ll be drawing upon all 3 energy systems – every week! The key is rotating through elements of each, which delivers the best of all worlds and sets you up as a permanent resident, living on the corner of Main St. and PR Drive, in Gainsville.