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When to Cut it and Transition to Cruise


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Please listen to your body, as she won’t lie to you. Signs of milking this Feast Phase dry include the following:

  1. Strong dis-inclination to train
  2. Lack of progress in terms of Static Hold times’weights used. Ditto for your EDT blocks
  3. Niggling little injuries that just won’t seem to heal
  4. Difficulty sleeping
  5. Loss of appetite, etc.

These are all classic signs of overtraining setting in. Your CNS. brain, spinal cord and muscles/related connective tissue have been maxed out. Additionally, your adrenals are likely fried or at the very least, getting there.


Time to transition to Cruise… © Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean progress comes to a halt. Far from it, friend. Many report gains ongoing in terms of LBM, strength and improved work capacity, due to the switch up in terms of the new training/dietary template we use. Sincerely hope you find the same…

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