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Why We’re Going this Route


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Past a certain point, you just aren’t going to make any wholesale changes to your physique without resorting to chemical enhancement. IF you’ve reached a point where you’re still not happy, still not satisfied – this information will take you beyond your genetic limitations. It’ll do this without the liver toxicity, deleterious effect on blood lipids, high blood pressure or legal risks of going to the black market.

Gains of 10 -14 pounds of solid muscle in as many weeks are the norm, and retained gains are similar. An equal or greater amount of fat loss usually realized, effectively transforming a physique in 3-4 months.

This isn’t the bloated, freakish muscle seen with today’s IFBB pro’s. That look isn’t really in demand anymore, at least from my discussions with customers. Instead, this stack gives you full muscle bellies, great separation and low bodyfat levels – all the while greatly reducing the risk of organ damage, cardiovascular complications etc.

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