Relax. Refresh. Rejuvenate!

If you’re dragging yourself to the gym and feeling beat up, or have niggling little injuries that just won’t go away
– you need Tranquilogen.

TranQuilogen’s unique formula sparks mental and physical rejuvenation, complete with pain relief.


It’s like turning back the clock, and has finally allowed many a trainee to gain again whereas before injuries were holding them back.


It accomplishes this by positively modulating both body and brain chemistry with research proven levels of healthy, Validated Full Spectrum nutraceuticals.

 If you work a high stress job, you really need this stuff!

Proven Ingredients

No Fluff.  No Fillers.  REAL RESULTS YOU CAN FEEL.


Rhodiola Rosea VFS Extract

You get top shelf Verified Full Spectrum Rhodiola Rosea, standardized for the active ingredients straight out of Russia – where the most potent stuff grows. It re-vitalizes mind and body, re-balancing epi/nor-epinephrine and cortisol levels thrown out of whack, given our stress riddled lives.

CurcuClear Curcumin

Ditto for the CurcuClear Curcumin concentrate we use. The anti-inflammatory/cancer fighting benefits aside, this is one potent pain killer – working to actually heal injuries, not just cover them up. It’s been called, “The Herbal Clenbuterol” by no less an authority than

5-HTP, Picamilon

Another nootropic from Russia and high dose Astaxanthin round out the formula, delivering what may be the most potent 1 cap/feel good dose product of its kind. 2 caps/day during stressful times makes a world of difference, and you’ll feel it both in your mind and body.


The highest potency Natural Source Astaxanthin and Patented Bioperine. All, at or above research trial proven potency levels, in convenient Chlorophyllin enhanced capsules. (More details here.)


TranQuilogen™ is a professional, proprietary formula which works to promote maximum mental and physical relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation.




Love the calm, restorative feelings so far from Tranquilogen! Less morning soreness
and easier to get up and move, overnight.

Chavez, Hermiston, OR

Instant relief. Was absolutely dumbfounded and it lasted a good 6 hours.”

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