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MASS PRO Synthagen draws upon 20 years of Muscle And Sports Science® innovations, combined with the cutting-edge research and weight room winning insights of Coach Rob Regish. Synthagen advances nutrition optimization and sports enhancement to a virtually fail-proof region, because it “auto-corrects” so many common pitfalls that can occur with anyone’s training, diet and supplementation – even top pro athletes.

Mass Pro Synthagen


TranQuilogen™ is a professional, proprietary formula which works to promote maximum mental and physical relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation. It accomplishes this by positively modulating both body and brain chemistry with research proven levels of healthy, Validated Full Spectrum nutraceuticals.



Progenadrex’s sole reason for being is to accelerate muscle growth, nothing less. In the absence of being able to give you supraphysiological test and GH levels, it leverages the most powerful anabolic you can put into your body: Food. The ingredients have been carefully selected to maximize every morsel of food that you eat, be it protein carbs or fats. It absolutely excels at stuffing the muscle full of glycogen, hygroscopic amino acids and of course water and other energy compounds. Most importantly, it accelerates lean body mass gains secondary to growth being stimulated via overload.

Progenadrex from Predator Nutrition

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