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Our mission is to help anyone with a sincere desire to gain muscle, lose fat and/ot improve their health. Young, old, male or female, it doesn't matter - if you have the will, we'll show you the way.

We have the largest resource of online information this industry has ever seen, and unlike so many other "authorities" - we tell you the truth about what works, what doesn't and how to achieve your goals in the fastest possible manner.


Our Clients Reviews

"I have read every bodybuilding, strength training and nutrition book I could get my hands on over the past 50 years and each month there are articles in the Blueprint Bulletin about supplements and training methods that I have never heard of before. Every month he blows me away with new information."

David Elliston

"With The Blueprint’s you will get lots of free goodies that could enhance your body to a new level of muscle or fitness. Considering I was only going to subscribe for 3–6 months and it has now been a year shows that I find the information of true value and one that should be considered as part of your exercise equipment.”

Rob Robertson

"Listen to this guy on Superhumanradio.net and you will quickly see that he isn’t here to sell you hype, just the facts that smart training, and a plan will get you farther in 6 weeks then the avg Joe gets in 6 months if not 6 years. Look into his “Blueprint” if you want more deeply researched routines back by years of training and science.”

Josh Foster

"Whether the goal is strength, building muscle, losing fat, general health/longevity, or all the above...Coach Rob has you covered... Rob cuts to the chase of programs/supplements that are proven effective, thereby saving years of wasted time/$$$ & nothing to show for it.”

Tommy D.

The Man Behind The Name

Coach Rob Regish


Rob Regish is an internationally recognized name in the field of health and fitness. He's been a weekly contributor to Super Human Radio for almost a decade, answering listener questions from around the world. A former competitive powerlifter, Rob has successfully coached people ranging from ages 12 to 75. He is the author of The Blueprint Bulletin, a monthly newsletter giving no holds barred, real information on training, diet, supplements, anti-aging etc.

I also formulate supplements for several sports nutrition companies, both here in the U.S. and in Europe. I've authored a half dozen books on the subject of physical culture - including an Amazon.com International Best Seller "Fast Muscle Building". So whether it's fat loss, muscle building, healing injuries or practicing successful aging - I have you covered.

Finally, I want people to know this: I am no armchair guru. I regularly practice what I preach and today at age 50, am capable of feats I wasn't in my 20's. That doesn't happen by accident, its the direct result of me working hard and using my own information. The same information I want you to have.

In my mind, there is no other way...

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