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Are Pullovers Dangerous?

By Coach Rob Regish / April 14, 2021 /

Question I read somewhere where pullovers were dangerous. Is that true and if so, are all pullovers dangerous? Like is a machine pullover more dangerous than a DB pullover?? Answer It really isn’t accurate to generalize, because there are too many different variables. For example, your unique physiology and biomechanics may make pullovers of any…

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BCAA with Extra Leucine

By Coach Rob Regish / April 7, 2021 /

Question: What’s your take on BCAA’s with extra leucine? Do these formulas work?? How much do I need and why can’t I just get BCAA’s from my whey? Answer: BCAA’s have been the darling of the supplement industry for some time, and they’re not entirely without merit (although recent research will give you pause, and…

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My Take on Creatine

By Coach Rob Regish / March 31, 2021 /
My Take On Creatine

Question: I’ve heard you say you don’t use creatine much, and it doesn’t do much for you. But I’ve also heard you say you put 10lbs on with the stuff in 9 days. Why the discrepancy? Answer: Both statements are true, but they represent two different points in time. Let me explain. I first used…

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Negative Only Training

By Coach Rob Regish / March 24, 2021 /
Negative Lifting

Question: I read an article by Arthur Jones, and he claimed negative only training gave him the best gains. Like, far and away his best gains. Is he right? Answer: I think it’s fair to say negatives have some value, but not as a standalone training method. In that respect, they’re not unlike static holds,…

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