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Supplements and Heart Palpitations

By Coach Rob Regish / June 3, 2020 /

Question I’m hoping you can help with this, because so far nobody, including my doctor, can figure it out… I’m having heart palpitations. They aren’t what I’d call severe, but I can certainly feel something is off. My Dr. told me to get off all supplements, but I’m reluctant to do that. I take no…

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Best Cardio Exercises

By Coach Rob Regish / May 27, 2020 /

Question With my gym closing I lost the ability to bike, push and pull sleds etc. Worse, I lost my job so it’s not like I have any $ to buy one. What kind of cardio can I do besides jog? I’d sprint, but I pulled a hamstring last time doing that and am reluctant…

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Steroids and Supplements

By Coach Rob Regish / May 20, 2020 /

Question I have a friend who’s used steroids for over a decade. He never comes off, subscribing instead to the blast and cruise method. When I asked him what supplements he takes, he said only one – protein. Why is that, and is everything else really just a waste of $ if you’re on the…

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COVID-19 Supplements

By Coach Rob Regish / May 13, 2020 /

Question What’s your take on some of these immune system supplements that are popping up online? Is there any merit to them?? Will any of them help in not getting or spreading COVID-19? Answer Obviously, it depends on the product in question but yes I’ve seen the ads (and the formulas). They range from the…

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