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Calisthenics and Muscle Loss

By Coach Rob Regish / August 25, 2021 /

Question I heard you say you haven’t lifted weights since Christmas 2020, instead performing all calisthenics. So in six months without weights, how much muscle size would you say you’ve lost? Answer In a word, none. That, per not jut my scale weight (virtually unchanged, down just 5lbs but due to extended low carb diet)…

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Using Ephedrine at 50

By Coach Rob Regish / August 18, 2021 /

Question So it’s obvious you have a lot of experience with these various supplements, especially ephedrine. But you’re also 50 years old now. How do you reconcile still using it? Answer On the surface, frequent use of powerful stimulants at this age looks irresponsible – but I have my reasons. One would think blood pressure…

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NO2 Type Products

By Coach Rob Regish / August 11, 2021 /

Question What’s the story on NO2 type products? They used to be all the rage, but now I don’t see them as much. Answer So in 1996, Ed Byrd and Anthony Almada of EAS parted ways and Byrd created MRI, a San Francisco based company that soon afterward, rolled out the original “NO2.” It was…

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Anabolic Diet

By Coach Rob Regish / August 4, 2021 /

At the heart of the issue here is whether one oxides carbs or fats well. Along those lines, I would highly recommend some type of DNA testing looking at that. It’s inexpensive, gives you a wealth of knowledge and I’ve seen it really help people – including my wife. That same testing can also uncover…

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