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Best Training Supplement Pairings

By Coach Rob Regish / September 28, 2022 /
Woman drinking supplements during her cardio workout

Question Given all you know about training and supplements, what are the best pairings? If you had to choose one type of training method that works best with one supplement, what would that look like? Answer The real answer is: It depends. It Depends On Your Goals If you’re just starting out and wish to…

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How to Stay Healthy on Your Next Business Trip

By Coach Rob Regish / September 26, 2022 /
How to Stay Healthy on Your Next Business Trip

Business trips can upset your usual schedule and impact your well-being. For example, lengthy travel time, long days in meetings or a foreign office can lead to a lack of sleep, fast food meals and mental exhaustion. However, with some planning, you can stay healthy on your business trips. Here’s some suggestions about how. Add…

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Making The Move Toward Calisthenics

By Coach Rob Regish / September 21, 2022 /
Man doing calisthenics and body weight exercises

Question You’ve made some big changes to your training over the past 2 years. Looking back, was it the right move? Answer About 2 years ago I decided to switch over to calisthenics. Bear in mind this was at age 51, after a series of very slow healing injuries conspired to rob me of my…

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Life Extension Supplements

By Coach Rob Regish / September 14, 2022 /
A mature couple out for a walk smiling at each other

Question What do you make of all the life extension supplements? Things like NMN and the like. Do they have any merit? Answer Suffice it to say life extension itself and the supplements are a worthy goal, but most of them are usually very expensive, unproven and the entire field still in its infancy in…

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